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Update N1MM Logger Plus 1.0.9271 (Ham)

N1MM Logger is a full-featured contest logging program.If you are looking for a general logger with packet alarms, award tracking, QSL generation and other non-contest functions, you should look elsewhere.

Ham – Contesten

CQ World Wide RTTY Contest 80-10m

The 2021 CQ World Wide RTTY DX Contest September 25-26 Starts 0000 GMT Saturday — Ends 2400 GMT Sunday I. OBJECTIVE: For amateurs around the world to contact as many other

New Jersey QSO Party 1/2 [CW,PH | 80,40,20,15,10]

Objective Contact as many NJ amateurs in as many NJ counties as possible. NJ stations contact as many amateurs in the US, Canada and the world as possible. Date/Time September

Scandinavian Activity Contest [CW | 80-10m]

Scandinavian Activity Contest Rules 2021 Rules for all participants Latest update 2021-08-11 No changes made since 2020. 1. Aim of the contest The aims of the contest are to promote

SARL National Field Day Contest

The South African Radio League Die Suid-Afrikaanse Radioliga   The SARL National Field Day 1. Aim To work as many stations in Southern Africa as possible on all the HF

Ham – DX

HB0/DL5YM and HB0/DL5YL, Liechtenstein

Fred – DL5YM and his XYL Tina – DL5YL, will be back on the air from Liechtenstein from September 5 to 28, 2021. The activity will be from 6 to

YS200I – El Salvador – San Salvador

YS200I. Radio Amateurs members of the Club de Radio Aficionados de El Salvador, CRAS, YS1YS, will be active with special call sign YS200I from San Salvador, El Salvador, commemorating 200th

7Z1VD, Saudi Arabia

Francisco – EA5VD, is in Saudi Arabia for a period of 2 years.  He is QRV as 7Z1VD (at the moment 20m (Cw and Ssb). Contacts will be confirmed through

ZV32ZT – Eusebio – Brazil

Mor Carlos Moreira, PT7ZT will be active with special call ZV32ZT from Eusebio city, Brazil, for 32nd Tokyo Olympic Games. He will operate on HF Bands, SSB and Digital Modes.

Ham – IOTA

G7BZD – Isle of Wight , IOTA EU-120

Phil Yates, G7BZD is active from Isle of Wight, IOTA EU – 120, England. He is working on HF Bands. QSL via LOTW, eQSL, QRZ com Log Book. DXCC Country

IC8/UR8QX – IC8/UT7QF – Ischia Island IOTA EU-031

Sergey Karpaev, IC8/UR8QX and Igor Syerikov. IC8/UT7QF currently active from Ischia Island, IOTA EU – 031, Campania Region Group, Italy. They working on HF Bands. QSL via home calls. DXCC

ZA/HA8PX, Sazan Island, IOTA EU-169

Zsolt, will be active as ZA/HA8PX from 20 to 26 September 2021 from Querret, Albania, but has plans to occasionally air Sazan Island, EU-169. Qsl via HA8PX. Op mijn twitteraccount geplaatst door

5H1IP, Unguja Island, IOTA AF-032

Luis, you must modify the dates of my operation. I am forced to make a new change, hoping that it will be the final one. Find me from 6 to