Update N1MM Logger Plus 1.0.6559 (zendamateurs)

N1MM Logger is a full-featured contest logging program.If you are looking for a general logger with packet alarms, award tracking, QSL generation and other non-contest functions, you should look elsewhere. Export of logs via ADIF to general logging programs is supported. For a complete list of program capabilities, check the Features section.

Download full installer:  DOWNLOAD FULL INSTALLER.

N1MM Logger Plus Full Install

Installing N1MM Logger+ for the first time is a two-step process. You must first download and run the Full Install (sometimes also referred to as the Base Install), followed by downloading and running the Latest Update. Each latest update includes significant upgrades, but unless you do the Full Install, subsequent updates will not have all the files they need to operate properly.After performing the Full Install, check the version number of the Latest Update. If that version number is different from the version number of the Full Install, proceed directly to downloading and running the Latest Update installer before using the program.



  • IARU: Changed HQ mult to check for different country prefix when determining if a HQ abbreviation is a mult (K1ZZ) (Coded by N1MM)
  • IARU: Fixed score reporting xml (VA2WA) (Coded by N1MM)
  • Made a couple of message boxes system modal to keep them on top (Coded by N1MM)
  • Experimental Spectrum feature: Added “Only Jump to Signals Heard in the Last Second” to right-click menu. Non persistent. Potentially useful in high static situations or where you don’t want to stop for stations that are not currently transmitting (Coded by N1MM)
  • Added {STEREOTOGGLE} macro. (Coded by N2IC)
  • Network Status: Changed name on dialog to match button (LA9RY) (Coded by N1MM)
  • Network Window: Do not display Block Tx status message in the Entry window status line as the window is opening. (Coded by K3CT)
  • Unused Code: Commented out some unused legacy code. (Coded by K3CT)
  • Waterfall Bandmap integration: Fix SO2R bug that could lock radio PTT in transmit when clicking on Waterfall Bandmap frequency. (Coded by N2IC)
  • Added WRTC-2018 for competitors. Select contest “WRTC”. Please test ! (Coded by N2IC)
  • Missing AHK File: Added text to the LogError.txt file when the path to the users AHK file can not be found. Replace “/” characters with “\” characters. (Coded by K3CT)
  • Info Window: The rate graph now supports a user choice of points per (last 10, last 100, 60 minutes, current hour) or the current QSO’s per … (Coded by N2IC)
  • Spectrum: make recognize a new source automatically (Coded by N1MM)
  • Spectrum: Improvements to spot placement in column chart mode (Coded by N1MM)
  • Spectrum: Changed Reset to Reset Radios (coded by N1MM)
  • Spectrum: added NIMB when relaying spectrum (Coded by N1MM)
  • Spectrum: send command to start spectrum output on supported radio after initialization (Coded by N1MM)
  • Spectrum: Made external source name textbox wider to fit long names (K3WA) (Coded by N1MM)
  • Spectrum: Added shading to current frequency area – experimental (Coded by N1MM)



Besturingssystemen: Windows XP sp3 , Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 , Windows 10
Website: http://n1mm.hamdocs.com/tiki-index.php
Download: http://n1mm.hamdocs.com/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=3821