N1MM Logger is a full-featured contest logging program.If you are looking for a general logger with packet alarms, award tracking, QSL generation and other non-contest functions, you should look elsewhere. Export of logs via ADIF to general logging programs is supported. For a complete list of program capabilities, check the Features section.

Download full installer:  https://n1mmwp.hamdocs.com/downloads/full-install/

N1MM Logger Plus Full Install

Installing N1MM Logger+ for the first time is a two-step process. You must first download and run the Full Install (sometimes also referred to as the Base Install), followed by downloading and running the Latest Update. Each latest update includes significant upgrades, but unless you do the Full Install, subsequent updates will not have all the files they need to operate properly.
After performing the Full Install, check the version number of the Latest Update. If that version number is different from the version number of the Full Install, proceed directly to downloading and running the Latest Update installer before using the program.




  • For SO2V or SO2R, a right mouse click from Waterfall Bandmap (or any other app that uses the radio_setfrequency UDP message) will populate the right Entry Window. (N5ZO) (Coded by N2IC)
  • SPRINTLADD & NSRTTYDUPE: Fix interleaving dupe rule processing. (K8JT) (Coded by N1MM)
  • UDC: Removed 12 char limitations for Exchange1Text, MiscText, CommentText and NameText (KU7T) (Coded by NA3M)
  • UDP Broadcast (outbound) packets: added <app> tags to identify “N1MM” as the program source of AppInfo, RadioInfo, ContactInfo, ContactReplace, ContactDelete, LookupInfo and Spot packets (W1TR)(coded by K8UT)
  • UDP Broadcast (inbound) packets: added code for detecting the <app> source of Spectrum and Radio_SetFrequency packets. (coded by K8UT)
  • Removed obsolete contests in new contest dialog (K8UT) (Coded by N1MM)
  • Program execution tracing: Fixed default case (always off) and case where individual performance tracing is needed (Coded by KU7T)
  • Saving of spots would not work if the Telnet window was never opened (AJ4LN) (Coded by N1MM)



Besturingssystemen: Windows XP sp3 , Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 , Windows 10
Website: https://n1mmwp.hamdocs.com/
Download:   https://n1mmwp.hamdocs.com/mmfiles/n1mm-logger-update-1-0-8095-jan-21-2020/#

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