Update Adobe Flash Player

Adobe heeft versie 27 uitgebracht van Flash Player en de Integrated Runtime. Deze browser-plugin maakt het mogelijk om Flash-content, waaronder zogenaamde rich Internet applications en streaming audio en video, af te spelen. Flash Player zit ingebakken in Google Chrome en Microsoft Edge, voor andere browsers zal het los geïnstalleerd moeten worden.



New Features

  • Support Audio Output Selection in Flash Player
  • Support ActionScript API for Audio Device Manager
  • Asynchronous texture upload for AIR Desktop
  • Enable DirectX 11 for AIR Windows
  • macOS AIRSDK Upgrade

Fixed Issues

Flash Player

  • The application will behave abnormally when spacebar is pressed in the Text Field.(FP-4198253)
  • [Win10] Context menu displayed with Offset when Flash Player movie fullscreen on Chrome(FP-4198406)



  • Application blinks when switched to the full-screen mode for Windows 8 and above.(AIR-4198437, AIR-4198443)
  • AIR application jerk around when trying to move them. (AIR-4198340)”Error #3672: Buffer creation failed” is observed when Anti-Aliasing uses render to texture on starling projects (AIR-4198370)
  • [iOS ] TextField Input position is largely deviated (AIR-4198324)
  • [Android] Bug fixes related to Secure Socket on Android for TLS protocol.
  • [Android] no-version-vectors flag has been added to aapt tool
  • [tvOS ]ADT error 303: Icon banner320x180.png is missing from package (AIR-4198396)
  • [iOS] Audio gone after playing an embedded Youtube Video (AIR-4198383)
  • [iOS] Interruptions such as incoming calls break audio (AIR-4198386)
  • [AndroidTV] TV banner is now required/mandatory for all Android TV apps.
  • [iOS] ADT to correctly sign dynamic frameworks included packaged with iOS app (AIR-4198407)
  • [iOS] ADT to correctly sign dynamic frameworks (AIR-4198408)
  • Video Texture keeps accessing camera even after being disposed of. (AIR-4198123)

Known Issues


  • [Android] Error #3672: Buffer creation failed when using drawToBitmapData (Context3D) while using VideoTexture (AIR-4198290)
  • [Android] No data from “android.intent.action.SEND” Intent (AIR-4197491)
  • [tvOS] Installation of application fails on tvOS Simulator
  • Artifacts are observed when child Sprite is near bottom of screen (AIR-4198445)
  • Bitmap glitches are observed while drawing the pixels (AIR-4198453)
  • [iOS] AIR app rotation broken on iOS Beta 3 when using -platformSDK (AIR-4198406)


Flash Player

  • Memory leak is observed when using baseline_constrained profile on Firefox 55 onwards (FP-4198562)
  • Invalid stageWidth and stageHeight is observed on Firefox 55 onwards with render mode as direct and async drawing enabled.


Adobe Flash Player installatie screenshot (620 pix)

Besturingssystemen: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website: http://www.adobe.com/nl/products/flashplayer/
Download: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/
Licentietype: Freeware