Er is een update voor Ham Radio Deluxe. Ham Radio Deluxe is een zeer goed logboekprogramma en daarbij een uitstekend Digital modes programma. Verder heb je ook nog in het programma  een DX-Cluster – Satellite tracking – Scanning – Rig Control en Rotor Cotrol. En met het gebruik van DigiMaster 780 kan je vele andere digitale modes werken.


Rig Control:

Rotor Control:


Satellite Tracking:




[Bug] Logbook: Incorrect layout for Avery 5260 label sheets (doug)
[Bug] Label Printing on sheet fed labels (doug)
[Bug] Label settings (doug)
[Bug] Logbook Label Printing (doug)
[Bug] Icom IC-910H sub band in Satellite tracking mode (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] Printing labels doesn’t work (doug)
[Bug] Remove options to reset spots in DX cluster (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] Logbook: Loading an XML backup is very slow due to the use of a DOM parser (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] Logbook: restoring large XML backup causes out of memory crash (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] Spotted stations not appearing in Bandmap (KB3NPH)
[Bug] New label printing prints labels incorrectly (doug)
[Bug] slider for “VOX Delay” in Rig Control is flaky on many Yaesu radios (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] “Customize Layout” dialog in Rig Control can’t handle losing focus when slider selection drop-down active (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] Logbook UI contains link to dead third-party website (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] Logbook DX Cluster Alarms help text mentions Simon, gives his email address (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] default configuration for FTDX-1200 has “ANT 3” button (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] Rig Control doesn’t show auto modes for AGC setting on FTDX-1200 (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] FTDX-1200 has five CW memories, rig control shows only three (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] Rig Control sliders for FTDX-1200 keyer type parameters don’t work (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] Rig Control Sliders for AGC settings don’t work on FTDX-1200 (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] Rig Control has incorrect labels for FTDX-1200 noise blanker sliders (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] FTDX-1200 antenna selection slider in Rig Control doesn’t work (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] neither CW pitch drop down nor the CW Pitch slider work for the FTDX-1200 (WA9PIE)
[Bug] FTDX-1200 TX Timer slider doesn’t work in Rig Control (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] “Microphone Scan” slider setting in Rig Control doesn’t work for FTDX-1200 (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] No radio control and missing buttons and sliders for FT-950 in (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] slider for “scan resume” on FTDX-1200 shows incorrect settings, doesn’t work (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] “Frequency display” slider for FTDX-1200 doesn’t work (WA9PIE)
[Bug] Rig Control lists several sliders twice for FDX-1200 (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] on the FTDX-1200, slider for “QSK Time” doesn’t control the matching radio setting (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] FTDX-1200: Rig control’s “PC Keying” slider instead changes the radios “CW Wave Shape” setting (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] Rig control has inoperative “auto mode” slider for FTDX-1200 (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] FTDX-1200 BFO slider changes incorrect setting (WA9PIE)
[Bug] the FTDX-1200 Break-in Mode slider changes incorrect setting (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] Setting the “Break-in Delay” slider for FTDX-1200 doesn’t work (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] FTDX-1200 sliders for RX and TX polarity don’t work (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] “Data Output Level” setting on FTDX-1200 doesn’t work (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] Shift and Mark Frequency controls don’t work on FTDX-1200 (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] Rig Control slider doesn’t set TX power for FTDX-1200 (WA9PIE)
[Bug] Rig Control could have rounding in steps for its sliders (K7ZCZ)
[Enhancement] Change TAB order on frequency entry window (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] QSK time parameter on FTDX-1200 can’t be set by Rig Control (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] several FTDX-1200 equalizer sliders don’t work (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] Default sliders for IC-910H repeat several times (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] Command Tester doesn’t work with Icom radios (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] DX Cluster Alarms config doesn’t save username, password (K7ZCZ)
[Bug] QSL label printing changes needed (bucked of tweaks from the 204 build) (doug)


Besturingssystemen: Windows
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Licentietype: Shareware

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