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A tip about the RF/SQL dial and its uses.
There are lots of transceivers where the obvious place for the RF gain is to be is 100% (maximum) with some radios being unusable unless it is! The FT817 isn’t one of them.

I thought I’d share how I use this function to my advantage, all the other bits and bobs like DSP and SSB filters are all extras but the free RF gain function gets under-used and overlooked by many hams who then give the front end of the FT-817 bad press without fully getting to grips with its function.

The Inrad #720 filter has much more effect on the received audio when the RF gain is on 100%.

I hope this helps in your future 817 adventures, I know from being portable that you have to make the most of the technology in your chosen transceiver, you can’t take everything with you!

If it has helped you then please be sure to click SHARE below the video to help others, It might be that rare DX that you need but he/she has his/her RF gain set at 100% and can’t hear you!
73 de Mark – M0VST

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