Xiegu X-108G 20W 0.5-30MHz HF Amateur Ham Mobile Transceiver

  • X-108G upgraded from X108 and it is outdoor version for car, motorcycle and more.
  • Low noise, single-conversion superheterodyne receiver. Double-balanced diode mixers provide excellent dynamic range
  • Receiving sensitivity: 0.25uV (preamplifier open,> 1.8MHz band). Narrow double-tuned band-pass filter covering the realization of all amateur bands (WARC bands).
  • Built NC APC circuit, the transmission power constant, high control accuracy. Standard 0.5ppm TCXO circuit of high-quality clock source. Narrowband standard 500Hz CW filter. Machine design parameters
  • X-108G is with Host + Handle + 2.3khz filter + 500Hz CW filter + 0.5ppm TCXO. The package includes hand PTT speaker mic with keypad, Power cable, USB Cable and the manual.


Product Description

Basic parameters

Frequency Range: Receive: 0.5 ~ 30MHz (Emissions: All HAM bands)
Work mode: SSB (J3E) / CW (A1A) / AM (A3E)
The minimum frequency step: 1Hz
Antenna Impedance: 50Ω
Operating temperature range: -10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
Frequency stability: ± 0.5ppm @ boot 5 minutes, -10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
Operating voltage: 12 ~ 14.5V DC
Current parameters: reception 600mAMax (Emission 7.5AMax)
Machine size: 120 * 45 * 180 (mm) [not including knobs, handles, and other prominent]


Transmit power: 20W (@ 13.8V)
Mode: SSB balanced modulator, AM modulated low
Spurious rejection: ≥40dBc
Carrier suppression: ≥45dBc
Selective: SSB 2.4kHz (-6dB), CW 500Hz (-6dB)


IF frequency: 10.7MHz
Receiving sensitivity: 0.5uV (PRE ON, ≤2.0MHz), 0.3uV (PRE ON,> 2.0MHz)

Reception band:
1.8 ~ 2.0MHz
3.5 ~ 4.0MHz
5.0 ~ 5.5MHz
7.0 ~ 7.3MHz
10.0 ~ 10.2MHz
14.0 ~ 14.5MHz
18.0 ~ 18.2MHz
21.0 ~ 21.6MHz
24.8 ~ 25.0MHz
28.0 ~ 28.8MHz
0.5 ~ 30.0MHz (*)

Dynamic range: better than 90dB
RIT frequency tuning range: ± 1kHz
Audio output: 0.5W@8 ohm

Package List

1x X-108G HF Transceiver
1x PTT Mic
1x Power cable
1x USB cable
1x Manual

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