Verwacht Icom IC-7610 HF/50Mhz

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De verwachting is dat de IC-7610 medio juni 2017 leverbaar word. De prijs zal ongeveer 3500 Euro.- bedragen.


Enige specificaties (meer informatie volgt):

1 – Same size as the 7600

2 – Direct sampling SDR platform

3 – Large touch screen

4 – Greater capacity ADC, lower noise. Higher sample rate (Possibly longer bit string) [16-bit ADC]

5 – More powerful DSP [, faster TI TMS32C6XX series DSP IC]

6 – Built-in web-server for Internet remote, local wired or wifi connectivity. [Can also be RS-BA1 server]

7 – Dual-watch, with no signal degradation, and true cross band, cross mode capability [Dual demod may require 2 DSP chains]

8 –  Lots of extra RAM space for future software expansion.

9 – 100watt out, full duty cycle any mode, 1hr rating, very low distortion HPA design [Easily done with new LDMS devices]

10 – Scope video with audio clip capture. [Feasible If sufficient memory provided]

11- 101 dB spectrum scope dynamic range & calibrated(S-units & dBm)

12 – Video output

13 – Transverter, USB and Ethernet connections