Update POP Peeper 4.5

Dit programma waarschuwt als er nieuwe e-mailberichten zijn. Er is ondersteuning voor zowel pop3 als smtp, maar ook voor een groot aantal webgebaseerde diensten, waaronder Gmail, MSN, Yahoo, Mail.com, MyWay, Excite, Lycos en RediffMail. POP Peeper laat alleen de headers zien, waardoor onbelangrijke e-mails eenvoudig te verwijderen zijn voordat ze door een e-mailprogramma worden binnengehaald.



    • + Per-account limit for the number of messages retrieved (POP3/IMAP); this setting is on the “Advanced” page for each account
    • + Ini file encryption: The ini file can be encrypted with a user-supplied key; see help for more information
    • – The “View HTML” banner when reading a message now displays full html (images) when engaged; this removes the need to double-click twice (except when the message is evaluated as Junk)
    • – The “Smart view” combobox on the “View messages” Options page is now an “Advanced” setting
    • – Fix: When switching between SSL/TLS and STARTTLS for POP3 accounts, a restart may have been necessary to work correctly
    • – Fix: In certain cases (Pinterest), URLs in messages were being modified causing the links to be invalid when clicked
    • – Fix: When the Oauth2 error “OAuthAccess empty” occurs, it now provides additional instructions to fix the problem
    • – Fix: In certain cases, Imap wasn’t reporting pertinent errors
    • – Fix: cacert-full.pem is now included and will be used as-needed; this offers convenience to users who need the file, but doesn’t force users/accounts that don’t require it to needlessly access the file
    • – Fix: Certain columns on the Outbox/Draft pages were sometimes automatically resized (and saved) in an undesirable manner
    • – Fix: Certain IMAP servers (e.g. Yahoo) may take an excessively long time to return failure if login was invalid
    • – Fix: In certain cases, scrolling in Message List could cause artifacts at the bottom of the window (below the last message) due to clipping
    • – Fix: ‘Email client’ button on toolbar wouldn’t work correctly if using PPtweaker option ‘Show buttons using text’
    • – Fix: If the Windows ‘Temporary’ folder is mis-configured (e.g. read-only or permissions), POP Peeper will use a folder in the POP Peeper Data folder for temporary files (note: data temp folder can be forced in ini file using hidden option: UseDataTemp = 1)
    • – Fix: Activation: in certain cases, POP Peeper may not have loaded the Activation data correctly and could require unnecessary Activations; other factors are involved, but this could most likely occur when using a portable installation on multiple computers
    • – Fix: When using per-account “hide read messages”, read messages would be erroneously removed on minimize if that particular account was being viewed
    • – Fix: When using OAuth2, “server requires authentication” setting is assumed on; otherwise, the error response from server may be confusing
    • – Fix: Potential deadlock (hang) on initial checkmail (potential can occur when an SSL account and webmail account check simultaneously in the first mail check)
    • – Fix: When saving real-time logfiles (PP_Log.txt and weblog.txt), files will be split up when a certain filesize is reached for performance reasons
    • – Fix: When using per-account sounds, if a sound was not specified for an account, in certain cases, no sound would play for new mail received on that account
    • – Fix: Potential hang due to certain sound configurations (e.g. using a custom .wav file with Voice Notifier could cause hang when Windows Playback device was changed); note: this fix now forces the “no mci” option in PPtweaker/troubleshooting and may have side-effects for some users (e.g. if you use skin notifier with sounds, the main sound file specified in POP Peeper may not play)
    • – Fix: Stopping a checkmail could get stuck in a loop
    • – Fix: Under certain circumstances, POP Peeper may immediately log back into an IMAP account (when idle disabled, e.g. Yahoo) after it disconnected in order to send a “mark read” command, instead of delaying the command for the next CheckMail
    • – Fix: Editing an account and using “…” for AOL/AIM (and possibly other pre-determined servers), the SSL value would use STARTTLS instead of SSL/TLS, even though the server information specified the latter
    • – Fix: Potential hang when updating trayicon tooltip for “time remaining until next mailcheck” (potential hang only if that option is enabled)
    • – Fix: Potential deadlocks


  • Plus Pack v4.5:
  • – Sent Mail Viewer: support for Ini encryption
  • – Voice notifier: voice will no longer pause when a connection/session is active; it will only pause to play sounds (e.g. new mail sound)
  • – Voice notifier: new option to pause notifier when sound is played; defaults to no pause (may be necessary to enable if new mail sound uses voice)


Besturingssystemen:  Windows 2000, Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 , Windows 10
Website:  http://www.poppeeper.com/
Download:  http://www.esumsoft.com/download/?prod=ppfree
Download nederlandse taal:  http://www.esumsoft.com/customfiles/PP_Lang/Dutch.plf
Licentietype:  Freeware / Betalend
Bron:  Tweakers.net