Vivaldi is een browser die je aan uw eigen smaak kan aanpassen. Hij heeft de functies die je nodig hebt en de flexibiliteit die je zo graag wil.




  • [New] Add support for blocking ‘abusive’ Ads VB-46155
  • [New][Accessibility] Allow to open “Find in Page” result with keyboard via Ctrl+Enter if it is a link VB-3341
  • [New][Profiles] Update the avatars VB-53590
  • [New][Profiles] Add support for adding and deleting in the popup VB-52800
  • [New][Profiles] Allow editing of avatar within the popup VB-51350
  • [New][Panels] Add unread tab counter to the Window panel VB-35467
  • [New][Razer Chroma] Add support for headset devices VB-53039
  • [New][Settings][Search Field] Show favicon for active engine VB-2610
  • [New][Settings] Provide a way to filter saved passwords VB-52407
  • [New][UI] Update images for error pages VB-52938

Address Bar

  • [Address Bar] Delete button in drop-down broken on bookmarks VB-53549
  • [Address Bar] Drag & drop text, pressing Enter empties the address bar VB-53613
  • [Address Bar] Deleting bookmark folders from the URL bar doesn’t work VB-53719
  • [Address Bar] Should support drag-and-drop editing VB-47830
  • [Address Bar] Typed History saving full URL instead of search nickname + term combination VB-46616
  • [Address Bar] Undo does not work correctly VB-7154
  • [Address Bar] Return all nickname results, from first entered character


  • [Bookmarks] Imported bookmarks lack folder name VB-52691
  • [Bookmarks] Internal page can not be added to bookmark folder from bookmark bar VB-30881


  • [History] Ctrl+A and Del deletes whole day VB-45521

Image Inspector

  • [Image inspector] Long exposure is displayed incorrectly VB-32739

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • [Keyboard] Blacklist system reserved shortcuts VB-51765
  • [Keyboard] Esc can close both Find-in-Page and Quick Commands VB-51886
  • [Keyboard] Tab (key) focus cycling gets stuck halfway on some websites VB-53526
  • [Keyboard][Dev Tools] Ctrl+Shift+J should launch the console VB-4760
  • [Keyboard][Extensions] Shortcuts don’t work VB-14668
  • [Keyboard][Mac] ⌘N does not simply open a new window when all windows are minimized VB-23789


  • [Linux] Add support for chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra 74, 75 and 76 VB-54191


  • [Panels] Wrongly displayed decimal separator in Downloads VB-32813
  • [Panels] Last used Web Panel loads on startup even if the side panel is collapsed VB-53836
  • [Panels][Performance] Make the sidebar toggle animation smoother VB-53676


  • [Profiles] Add separator between icon and extensions VB-53238

Quick Commands

  • [Quick Commands] Tab key should autocomplete VB-45630
  • [Quick Commands][Settings] Add setting to turn off calculator VB-53634
  • [Regression] Browser crashes when I close a tab VB-53657


  • [Screenshots] PNGs have an unnecessary alpha channel VB-53645



  • [Search Field] Typed history dropdown sometimes lacks keyboard focus VB-52629
  • [Search Field] Suggestions are cropped in popup window VB-52616


  • [Settings] Changes to domain expansion suffix not saved VB-52426
  • [Settings] Unable to see complete password VB-53588
  • [Settings] Misaligned Select Folder button VB-53854
  • [Settings] Turn off “Always display navigation” by default VB-54379
  • [Settings][Search] Too little space for nickname in Japanese UI VB-54170

Speed Dials

  • [Speed Dial] Improve animation performance VB-9248
  • [Speed Dial] Multiple Speed Dial buttons can be active VB-5607


  • [Sync][Speed Dial] Do not synchronize the columns and width VB-52389
  • [Sync] Report to the user when sync initialization is stuck because of server issues VB-54041


  • [Tabs] Popup thumbnails are not displayed in Private/Guest mode VB-53070
  • [Tabs] Resize early when closing tabs with middle mouse button shortcut VB-18469
  • [Tabs] Minimize Pinned Tab option doesn’t work if Minimize Tabs is disabled VB-52852
  • [Tabs] Moving UI button over tab activates it VB-50416
  • [Tabs] Releasing middle mouse button on a tab closes it, even when the actual click was somewhere else VB-43962
  • [Tabs] Crash on moving tabs between windows: particularly PDFs VB-54368
  • [Tabs] Occasional crash on closing tabs VB-54230
  • [Tabs][Performance] Animation performance improvements VB-52682
  • [Tabs][Regression] Tab Bar disappears and cannot be restored until restart of the browser VB-51912
  • [Tabs][Regression] Opening link in background tab does not trigger download save popup VB-51936
  • [Tabs][Regression] Vivaldi slows down when tiling or moving tabs VB-43866
  • [Tiling] Resize of tiled tabs is blocked if mouse moved too fast VB-43950


  • [Themes] Wrong format color crashes color picker VB-53412
  • [Themes] Editor color picker misaligned VB-52766


  • [Extensions] “Allow in Incognito” makes the extension icon appear at the end VB-52550
  • [Touch] Long touch both opens context menu and executes default action VB-50393
  • [UI zoom] 60% causes minimize window button to disappear VB-28909
  • [UI] Clicks on modal dialogs can fail VB-52859
  • [UI] Notification permission dialog does not overlap icon in address field VB-25242
  • Upgraded to Chromium 75.0.3770.94


Besturing: Windows, Mac, Linux
Licentie:  Freeware


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