Vivaldi is een browser die je aan uw eigen smaak kan aanpassen. Hij heeft de functies die je nodig hebt en de flexibiliteit die 1321je zo graag wil.

Vivaldi heeft uitgebreide mogelijkheden, zoals mousegestures, stapelen van tabbladen, uitgebreide keyboardshortcuts en het maken van aantekeningen op webpagina’s.




  • [New][Pop-out video] Add mute button to PiP window (VB-64762)
  • [New][Tabs] Option to change Close Tab button position (VB-7857)
  • [New][macOS] Use different installation profiles and directories for snapshots and finals (VB-10935)

Address Bar 

  • [Address bar] Problem with POST search requests when selected from drop-down (VB-69143)
  • [Address bar][Search field] Does not remember custom size (VB-68737)
  • [Address bar][URL field] Search keyword should be percent-encoded (URL encoded) in the query (VB-41445)


  • [Bookmarks] Always have a default name for folders (VB-68898)
  • [Bookmarks] Duplicated bundled bookmarks (VB-69168)


  • [Configurable menus] Enable automatic upgrading (VB-69114)
  • [Configurable menus][Settings] Menu items reverse when moving to/out of the folder (VB-68678)
  • [Configurable menus][Settings] Rename Reset Menu to Restore Default Menu (VB-68259)
  • [Menus] Horizontal menu doesn’t respond to accelerator keys after being focused (VB-65978)

Dev Tools 

  • [Developer Tools][Crash] When closing undocked window (VB-68433)


  • [Extensions] Extension without icon shows as blank in the toolbar (VB-68442)
  • [Extensions] Icons of current window replicated in background windows (VB-52087)


  • [Keyboard] Support Alt+F4 to close Task manager (VB-69321)

Notes Manager 

  • [Notes Manager] Rename ‘Remove screenshot’ to ‘Remove attachment’ (VB-68445)
  • [Notes Manager] Users can type text while the folder is selected (VB-68716)
  • [Notes Manager][Quick Commands] Add Notes Manager to Quick Commands (VB-68428)
  • [Notes Manager] Add “Write your first note” (VB-68431)
  • [Notes Manager] Capturing Notes Manager gives an invalid address (VB-68863)
  • [Notes Manager] Formatting can cause the removal of text (VB-68232)
  • [Notes Manager] Support indented lists in Markdown mode (VB-68623)
  • [Notes Manager] Turning a selection to a list, erases selection in text view (VB-68190)
  • [Notes Manager][Menus] Add to Tools menu (VB-66743)
  • [Notes Manager][Panels] Middle click notes button doesn’t open manager in a tab (VB-62895)


  • [Panels] Cast incorrectly shown in the context menu (VB-69361)

Pop-out Video 

  • [Pop-out video][macOS][Linux] Slider on PiP window is unclickable (VB-69378)


  • [Settings] Window is blank when opened from the private window (VB-65717)
  • [Settings][Blocker] Add a fetching state to list (VB-67493)
  • [Settings][Keyboard] Reserved shortcuts can be duplicated (VB-68389)
  • [Settings][Mouse gestures] Add “already assigned to “X” command” instead of “already exists” (VB-64683)
  • [Settings][Themes] Highlight gets cut off upon adjusting corner rounding on a theme (VB-66458)

Spatial Navigation 

  • [Spatial Navigation] Can not open focused link in a new tab (VB-63939)
  • [Spatial Navigation][URL field] focus overrides address field input (VB-65314)


  • [Sync] Option Open settings in a tab should sync (VB-69563)
  • [Sync] StartPage background color should not sync (VB-69465)
  • [Sync] Sync error: Persisted access token data not found (400) (VB-51642)
  • [Sync] stays in “Upload: In progress…” for some users (VB-65568)


  • [Tabs] Close button disappearing from tabs (VB-68729)
  • [Tabs] Each tab resizes separately when it gets activated (VB-51618)
  • [Tabs] Audio icon doesn’t update after a theme change (VB-69077)


  • [Themes] Button badge foreground color should be calculated to avoid unreadable situations (VB-69061)

User Interface 

  • [UI] Softer curves for collapse/expand arrows (VB-69155)
  • [UI] Can’t input addresses in autofill (VB-68596)
  • [UI] Discord can have two video notifications (VB-69379)
  • [UI] Overlay status info covers tab bar on side (VB-68136)


  • [Webpage] Tweak link text selection so it does not select as easily and add a setting to disable (VB-68358)
  • [Window Management] Unable to DnD (drag & drop) tabs between two private windows (VB-23116)
  • [macOS Catalina] Double click on the application title bar does not maximize (VB-59319)
  • [Crash] Loading a page that asks for clipboard access when run with –app parameter (VB-68824)
  • [Chromium] Upgraded to 84.0.4147.108


Besturing: Windows, Mac, Linux
Licentie:  Freeware


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