FreeFileSync is een mapvergelijkings- en synchronisatiesoftware die back-up kopieën van al uw belangrijke bestanden maakt en beheert.



Changes in FreeFileSync version 10.14:

  • Warn if versioning folder paths differ only in case
  • Fixed empty HTTP response during update check (macOS/Linux)
  • Warn if Donation Edition is active on unexpected number of machines
  • Use subdomain for application update checks
  • Consider cache control for HTTP GET requests
  • Access all web endpoints over TLS
  • Fixed character encoding issue in update reminder (macOS/Linux)

Changes in FreeFileSync version 10.13:

  • Allow to rename configurations via context menu
  • Work around hang on SMB network with broken FileFullDirectoryInformation
  • Work around SMB share returning empty item name
  • Detect and preempt keyman64.dll crash on exit
  • Manage notification sounds via global options dialog
  • Support 32-bit Debian Jessie and later releases
  • Work around silent failure to case-only rename on FAT drives (Windows 10)
  • Simplified installation folder structure
  • Update main grid scrollbars when resizing columns on other side
  • Preserve input focus when clicking on grid column label
  • Buffer result of process path normalization
  • Mirror middle grid icons for RTL layout (Linux)
  • Force LTR layout until wxWidgets supports RTL (macOS)
  • Fixed pair scrolling mismatch when grid height is exceeded by one row
  • Fixed startup failure due to missing /etc/machine-id (Linux)


Besturing: Windows, macOS, Linux
Licentie:  Freeware


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