EMDB is een applicatie om je verzameling films en tv-series bij te houden. Zowel fysieke schijven als mediabestanden worden volledig ondersteund. Met een automatische import uit de database van IMDB, exporteren naar csv, tekst of HTML, voorbeeldweergave van miniaturen, een uitleenvolger, geavanceerde zoek- en filterfuncties en meertalige gebruikersinterface. 



EMDB V3.45 released

  • Edit: Clearing all fields and adding new data was handled as adding a new movie instead of changing the current.
  • Edit: Clear did not clear Tomatometer score and Meta score.
  • Multiple Edit: Fixed sometimes genres were overwritten when not selected for change.
  • Multiple Edit: Locked movies are now excluded in multiple edit (except for multiple unlock ­čśë
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Added support for TV Series.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Added an option to manually select or change a movie.
  • Rotten Tomatoes download / batch update: Always use the English title if available to get a better match.
  • TheMovieDB download: Use IMDb number instead of title to get a better match.
  • IMDb download: Fixed character name was not retrieved when no character page is available.
  • IMDb download: Fixed cast photos were not downloaded for actors without character page.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, German, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Persian and Dutch translations.

EMDB V3.44 released

  • HTML Export: Updated Responsive Red template to V1.4.
  • Filter Menu: Fixed missing translations.
  • Batch Update: Fixed Top250 batch update returned incorrect #1 position for some movies.
  • User Interface: Fixed displaying of IMDb top 250 on the Movie Details Panel.
  • Sorting: Improved sorting on Seen column if column is configured to show Yes / No or X instead of the date.
  • Database: Added Rotten Tomatoes movie link.
  • Batch Update: Added Rotten Tomatoes TomatoMeter Score Batch update.
  • Batch Update: Added Actors Photo update (also fixes duplicate photo’s and incorrect links to IMDb actor pages).
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, German, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian and Dutch translations.

EMDB V3.43 released

  • Translations: Fixed crash with Finnish translation when opening the Add / Edit page.
  • IMDb Import: Fixed an issue where a movie could get #1 incorrectly.
  • User Interface: Added a Column and Filtering for IMDb Top250.
  • Search: Fixed Subtitle Search.
  • Database: Fixed silence Language property.
  • IMDb Update: Improved the order the cast is listed by first selecting actors with a Photo AND a Character page.
  • Database: Added Rotten Tomatoes TomatoMeter Score import.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Catalan, Czech, German, Slovak, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.



Besturing: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Download:  http://www.emdb.eu/downloads.html
Licentie:  Freeware en Betalend
Schermafbeelding: http://www.emdb.eu/screenshots.html

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