EMDB is een applicatie om je verzameling films en tv-series bij te houden. Zowel fysieke schijven als mediabestanden worden volledig ondersteund. Met een automatische import uit de database van IMDB, exporteren naar csv, tekst of HTML, voorbeeldweergave van miniaturen, een uitleenvolger, geavanceerde zoek- en filterfuncties en meertalige gebruikersinterface. 



  • User Interface: Added visualization for selected sort column and direction in ListView.
  • Database Assigning custom cast photo’s sometimes failed.
  • Edit Multiple Movies: Added Streaming Service as field to edit.
  • Database: Added VUDU as streaming source.
  • User Interface: added option to copy the movie cover to the clipboard.
  • User Interface: Improved keyboard control of message boxes: you can now use arrow keys and Enter (or Space) to select a button to choose.
  • User Interface: Improved the tab order of the Add / Edit Movies Screen.
  • User Interface: Context menu didn’t work on multiple selection in ListView.
  • User Interface: Added option to toggle displaying VHS tapes on the Bookshelf.
  • IMDb Import: Fixed IMDb lookup when entering IMDb number in the Title field.
  • TVDB Import: Fixed an issue with episodes from seasons getting mixed up.
  • TV Series: Improved detection of valid episode file names.
  • Add Movie: IMDb Top 250 value was sometimes taken over when multiple movies were manually added in one go.
  • Add from HardDisk: Fixed an issue with custom NFO files.
  • Batch Update: Create Missing NFO’s didn’t take the setting All / Selected / Filter Results into account.
  • Translations: Updated the Spanish, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Russian, Slovenian and Dutch translations.



Besturing: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Download:  http://www.emdb.eu/downloads.html
Licentie:  Freeware en Betalend
Schermafbeelding: http://www.emdb.eu/screenshots.html

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