EMDB is een applicatie om je verzameling films en tv-series bij te houden. Zowel fysieke schijven als mediabestanden worden volledig ondersteund. Met een automatische import uit de database van IMDB, exporteren naar csv, tekst of HTML, voorbeeldweergave van miniaturen, een uitleenvolger, geavanceerde zoek- en filterfuncties en meertalige gebruikersinterface. 



EMDB V3.39 released

  • Add Movies From Hard Disk: Clicking Cancel when browsing a folder for adding Multiple Movies or a TV Series was not handled correctly.
  • Database: Added ‘iTunes’, ‘Google Play’ and ‘Youtube’ to the Streaming Services.
  • Merge Databases: Improved merging code to better handle large databases.
  • Merge Databases: Posters are now also merged.
  • Merge Databases: Added a progress indicator.
  • Merge Databases: Added a detailed result overview.
  • User Interface: Added movies are now also correctly positioned when a Search result or Filtering is shown.
  • Print: Improved the layout of the Movie Details Template.
  • Edit Multiple movies: Added possibility to change Genres of multiple movies.
  • Add Movies From Hard Disk: Added support for Kodi generated movie.nfo, tvshow.nfo and poster.jpg.
  • Translations: Updated the French, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Spanish and Dutch translations.


EMDB V3.38 released

  • Startup: Fixed scanning for removed Media files at startup.
  • System: Fixed displaying filenames on External Drives containing [] characters.
  • Rename Moved Media Files Location: Fixed renaming on external drives.


EMDB V3.37 released

  • System: Changed Folder Browse dialog to better support Network drives.
  • User Interface: Only enable Copy Files / Open Location in the context menu if an actual media file is present.
  • Database: Added “IMAX” and “CRITERION COLLECTION” to the Version field options.
  • Defaults: Added Container to the fields from which you can set a default value.
  • Edit Multiple Movies: Fixed changing the Codec cleared the Container field.
  • Add Movie: Clear Groups Edit Box after you use Add And Continue.
  • System: Fixed detection of External Drive Labels containing [].
  • User Interface: Fixed setting dates before 1970 with DateTimePicker.
  • User Interface: Fixed tab order in Add / Edit Movie page.
  • Backups: Added support for a custom location to store backups.
  • Backups: Daily / weekly / monthly backups are now saved with a data stamp.
  • Backups: Display all backups in the selected (custom backup) location.
  • Backups: Moved backup functions in their own options screen.
  • Backups: Added notifications when automatic backups are created.
  • User Interface: Date seen did not always fit in the Movie Details Panel.
  • Database: Added a Service field if source is streaming to specify the specific service.
  • Custom values: Added Custom Services.
  • User Interface: Added movies are now directly inserted in the sorted list instead of added at the top.
  • Print: Fixed misplacement of lines between movies in Movie Details Template for high resolution printers.
  • Batch Update: Fixed MediaInfo Batch Update for Media Files on Removable Drives.
  • Rename Media Files: Fixed Copying Thumbnails to Media File Locations on Removable Drives.
  • Media Info: The Container is now also detected with MediaInfo.
  • Search: Fixed Search for manually entered Actors used incorrect casing resulting in wrong results.
  • User Interface: Added Writers and Composers to the Columns to display in List View.
  • Translations: Updated the Simplified Chinese, Czech, Arabic, Italian, Slovenian, German and Dutch translations.



Besturing: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Download:  http://www.emdb.eu/downloads.html
Licentie:  Freeware en Betalend
Schermafbeelding: http://www.emdb.eu/screenshots.html

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