Maak op afstand verbinding met een computer, of die nu aan de andere kant op kantoor is of aan de andere kant van de wereld. AnyDesk zorgt voor veilige en betrouwbare externe desktopverbindingen voor zowel IT-professionals als gebruikers on-the-go.



Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed selection box tool.
  • Fixed crash on click on restart button in miscellaneous settings.
  • Fixed ‘Change License Key…’ button in the about panel.
  • The File Manager downloaded the same file twice in some cases.
  • Fixed handling of AltGr+a. This selected all text before and broke AltGr+a on polish keyboards.
  • Fixed blocker for incoming connections.
  • Fixed address not being shown correctly or incompletely in discovered clients.
  • The Address Book accepted malformed addresses and could not delete them anymore.
  • Fixed wrong address book being removed from the manage address books dialog while trying to delete a different one.
  • Fixed address action ‘Drop Link’ for qualified addresses (AnyDeskID/domain/account).
  • Fixed command line parsing of qualified addresses.
  • Fixed broken traces.
  • Fixed some tooltips.
  • Minor fixes.

Other Changes

  • Discovered clients can be searched for now by using user name, Alias, client ID, machine name and operating system.
  • Improved display of search results.
  • Discovery items can now be added to the Address Book using their context menu.
  • Checkboxes and radio buttons can now be toggled using ‘Space’.


Besturing:  Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, macOS, Android en iOS
Licentie:   Freeware en Betalend

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