Maak op afstand verbinding met een computer, of die nu aan de andere kant op kantoor is of aan de andere kant van de wereld. AnyDesk zorgt voor veilige en betrouwbare externe desktopverbindingen voor zowel IT-professionals als gebruikers on-the-go.



AnyDesk 4.2.1 (Windows)

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a crash which could occur after one minute when there is no mouse attached to the system.
  • Fixed packets being dumped which should only be dumped in debug mode.
  • Fixed a rare crash which occured immediately after starting AnyDesk.

AnyDesk 2.9.7 (Linux)

New Features

  • Added connect to login screen feature for APT based distributions (only for X11)
  • Added privacy settings to be on-par with the Windows port
  • Changed default path of the chatlog to Documents folder
  • Changed default path for the screenshots to Pictures folder
  • Changed default path for file downloads to Downloads folder
  • Added chatlog and screenshot path settings
  • Added choose alias panel. The user can now choose an alias like in the Windows port.
  • Added popup menu to adress (Copy invitation, Copy adress, claim alias, etc)
  • Added gksu and polkit functionality to enable the global settings
  • Added bring to top on chat option

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug in the TreeView that could lead to undefined behaviour
  • Fixed reading the /proc directory for Ubuntu based distributions
  • Fixed service file for Ubuntu based distributions
  • Fixed file transfer issue with files containing spaces in the filename
  • Fixed a bug that could crash AnyDesk during a file transfer is some special characters were in the filename
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the switch sides feature from working
  • Fixed a bug that could crash the tray icon
  • Fixed a bug that could crash the audio settings
  • Fixed the settings window not updating correctly
  • Removed unneccessary dependencies from the debian package
  • Fixed the command line interface
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the custom logo from beeing shown
  • Fixed the tray icon not autostarting in global mode

AnyDesk 4.2.0 (macOS)

New Features

  • Implemented custom context menu for AnyDesk ID (claim alias, show alias/show id, copy address).
  • Implemented claim alias feature for macOS, where the user can choose an alias.

Fixed Bugs

  • During a session, the hotkeys of macOS are disabled locally so they can be transmitted to the remote side.
  • In incoming file transfer sessions, the file display on the remote side was not refreshed when the folder contents changed. The file manager view should refresh now automatically.
  • Fixed a bug in incoming file transfer sessions which did not allow to go to folders with a name which contained a space character.
  • The Command+C shortcut now works on the AnyDesk ID.
  • AnyDesk now prevents macOS from going to sleep mode when there is an active session.
  • Fixed a bug in the request elevation feature.


Besturing:  Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, macOS, Android en iOS
Licentie:   Freeware en Betalend

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