Maak op afstand verbinding met een computer, of die nu aan de andere kant op kantoor is of aan de andere kant van de wereld. AnyDesk zorgt voor veilige en betrouwbare externe desktopverbindingen voor zowel IT-professionals als gebruikers on-the-go.



AnyDesk 4.2.3 (Windows)

New Features

  • Added a setting to disallow direct connections (hole punching). Default is allowed.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed auto-reconnect in the remote restart feature.
  • Fixed a rare crash which could occur in incoming sessions.
  • In some situations (for example virtual machines), no image was displayed by the ddraw view. In this case, AnyDesk uses gdi now and displays an image.
  • The standard distribution of AnyDesk did not start when a previously installed MSI version of AnyDesk was not uninstalled correctly.

AnyDesk 4.0.0 (Linux)

New Features:

  • Added Addressbook
  • Added Session Commenting
  • Added Session Recording and Playback
  • Added new permission interface in accept window
  • Changing the permissions from the remote side is now forbidden (users cannot click in the relevant parts of the accept window anymore from the remote side).
  • Added restart button on language change in the settings

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed the Action Menu beeing sensitive even if the session was not yet established
  • Fixed the passwort save box beeing sensitive even if storing the password is forbidden
  • Fixed that a nonsense message was displayed when connecting to an unsupported display server (e.g. Wayland).
  • Fixed several bugs related to systemd
  • Made TCP Holepunching better for systems running kernel >= 3.9
  • Fixed session breakdown on Ubuntu >= 18.04 when using “sudo su” in terminal AnyDesk (Linux)

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed the statusbar for active sessions

Besturing:  Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, macOS, Android en iOS
Licentie:   Freeware en Betalend

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