Na installatie van PDF Creator kunt u vanuit bijna elk programma via het menu bestand | afdrukken een document omzetten naar een PDF’je. PDF Creator werkt als een virtuele printer: u drukt de bestanden niet af, maar slaat ze op als PDF. Erg handig om van steeds in opmaak verspringende Word-documenten een sjiek uitziend PDF-bestand te produceren.



  • Added a workaround for a bug in .Net that would raise an error while ending the application (TaskCanceledException), even though everything worked fine
  • Fixed a bug that would declare lower case driver letters in paths as invalid (i.e. ‘c:\Temp’)
  • When using the E-Mail button, PDFCreator validated the target path even though it was not used
  • PDFCreator Plus, PDFCreator Business and PDFCreator Terminal Server: The setup was not able to detect that HotFolder was still running, which made an update installation fail
  • PDFCreator Plus, PDFCreator Business and PDFCreator Terminal Server: Downloading the update could have crashed if the download was performed multiple times
  • Fixed a bug that could show an error message (NotSupportedException) during the first start of PDFCreator
  • The ouput path was not correctly set when changing the profile during a print job
  • PDFCreator Business and PDFCreator Terminal Server: GPO for application settings does not influence the printer tab anymore
  • (Ready to Merge) The command line parameters /Printer, /Profile and /OutputFilename can now be used when converting PDF and PS files (see :ref:`CommandLineParameters`:)


Besturing: Alle versie’s van Windows
Licentie:  Freeware  en Betalend


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