Changes from Version 1.13

  • Added the Share Pictures function.
  • Added a Set mode item to detect the microphone PTT while transmitting using other than the microphone PTT.
  • Added Reflector types “DCS” and “XLX”.

Detailed information is available here.
The programming software compatible with this firmware is available here.

To update the firmware

  • Thoroughly read 13. UPDATING THE FIRMWARE of the ADVANCED MANUAL and follow the instructions displayed on the IC-9700 LCD screen.
  • This update initializes the transceiver’s settings. Save your current settings before updating the firmware, and then write it back to keep the previous setting on the updated firmware.
  • The firmware will be updated to the following versions.
    Main CPU: 1.20
    Sub CPU: 1.00
    Front CPU: 1.00
    FPGA Program: 1.05
    FPGA Data: 1.00
    DV DSP: 1.04


Ever wonder how to update firmware on your IC-9700?

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