Update SD Contestlogger 20.01 (Ham)

Sd heeft vandaag een nieuwe update uitgebracht van zijn contestlogger.

SD sets the standard for fast, simple logging and editing in the major international contests and in dozens of others worldwide. It is intended for single-op unassisted entries, and runs on Windows, from Win95 to Win 10 , and on Linux/Wine – with a console-mode (text) interface.

SD supports rig control, serial and parallel keying – and integrates with WinKey to eliminate CW timing issues caused by Windows – the WKUSB kit is recommended. microHAM’s USB CW Keyer offers WinKey and level converters for rig control in a single package.

SD offers instant “full-screen” editing of any QSO in your log. All SD’s files, including the log, are ASCII and can be viewed with any text editor.

SD is the only contest logger to offer the following features, in real-time, as you type individual callsign characters. There’s no need to touch another key or memorise Ctrl-This or Alt-That.

  • Dupe checking
  • Country/Band analysis
  • Check Partial by prefix
  • Beam headings
  • Advance flagging of potential multipliers
  • Band/Mode analysis by callsign
  • Linked database display
  • Auto data insert (Zones and area codes)
  • Countries Worked/Wanted by Continent



SD on Linux and Raspberry Pi:

SD now runs on all versions of Linux using Wineconsole, an integral part of Wine. Wine is free, and enables Windows programs to run on Unix machines. SD has been tested on the Raspberry Pi 3, and on an Intel processor running Ubuntu.

This is all possible because, although it is a Windows program, SD runs in terminal or console mode with no requirement for graphics support. In addition, SD was designed to be fast and efficient on the original, very slow PCs – and has remained fast and efficient ever since, unlike some bloatware loggers. All SD’s features are supported on Linux and the Pi, including rig-control and WinKey.

To run SD on the Raspberry Pi, ExaGear from eltechs.com is required, together with Wine downloaded from Eltechs. The registration fee for Exagear is approximately $25, but is often cheaper, and they offer a free 3-day trial – that’s how I started. QEMU, which is free, may be a viable alternative to ExaGear on the Pi – but has yet to be evaluated.

Some competence in Linux is needed to configure ports for rig-control and WinKey. Help is available via the sd-user mailing list.

Windows console programs running under Wineconsole are restricted to a display of 25 rows and 80 columns, whereas SD’s native resolution is 27 rows by 82 columns. SD accommodates this difference with the BORDER command. The BORDER value is set to one or zero on Windows PCs, but must be zero for all other platforms.

It is sometimes necessary to use the BORDER conmmand twice or more, after starting SD, to get a stable logging window on Linux and the Pi.

I’d welcome reports of success in running SD on various platforms. Please send your reports to the SD User mailing list – sd-user at contesting dot com. If you have not previously subscribed to the mailing list, you will be added to the list.


SD Registration:

The registration fee is now 10 euros – giving access to updates for six months. Any version of SD downloaded within this time will continue to work indefinitely, without restriction, in the presence of the key file supplied to registered users.

Without a key file, SD runs in DEMO mode. In this mode, all features are supported except that logging is delayed for 30 seconds once 30 QSOs have been logged in individual events – previously this happened after 10 QSOs.

SD’s DXpedition and Special-Event logging options are fully working and unrestricted, with no need to register or have a key file. SDX has been discontinued.


RSGB 80m Contests:

Fixed bug in scoring for UK entrants, and for special calls, G6XX etc, in RSGB 80m contests. Thanks G3SWC.


HSC Contest:

Updated for new rules – with country mults by band for QSOs with members. The SETDUPE command should be used at the start of the second period to reset dupe and multiplier checking. Thanks G4ILW.


Marconi Memorial Contest:

Updated scoring to 1 point per QSO regardless of location. Thanks IK6BAK.


Icom IC-7610:

Rig control file IC7610.SD added.


NAQP – Rig Control:

Fixed bug which caused spurious frequencies recorded for DX (non-NA) QSOs in NAQP. Thanks K1ESE.


REF Contest for DX Entrants:

TK was not recognised as “mainland” France. Fixed. Thanks G3SWC.


PACC for PA Entrants:

Fixed display error – thanks PA0JNH.

Logging Screen


Besturingssystemen: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Download: http://www.ei5di.com/sd/sdsetup.exe
Licentietype: Shareware