Update Vuze

Deze in Java geschreven Bittorrent-client, die vroeger onder de naam Azureus werd uitgebracht, heeft onder andere de mogelijkheid om prioriteit te geven aan individuele torrents en zelfs aan de afzonderlijke bestanden binnen een bepaalde torrent. Daarnaast heeft het programma een ingebouwde tracker, zodat het delen van eigen bestanden tot de mogelijkheden behoort. Verder kan de functionaliteit van Vuze door middel van plug-ins worden vergroot, zoals bijvoorbeeld met de Country Locator. Naast de standaardversie is er tegenwoordig ook een plus-uitvoering die voor 25 euro ook een virusscanner en de mogelijkheid tot het branden van cd’s en dvd’s aan boord heeft.


# New Features:
* UI | Native search results view.
* UI | Native subscription results view.
* UI | Search results now show if result already in Vuze where possible.
* UI | Column Setup dialog now has a filter box.
* UI | Sharing Progress popups can now be suppressed.
* UI | New Files View column to show entire file path.
* UI | Option to switch to Tag Settings view after tag creation to allow customization.
* UI | Quick ‘notification view’ added to the Plugin Bar (Top Bar).
* UI | Plugin bar now has right-click menu to select the sub-views of interest.
* UI | Sound/speech notifications added to notifications.
* UI | Option added to create a notification when a download added to/removed from a tag.
* UI | Option added to create a notification when a subscription has new results.
* UI | Added size column to download history.
* UI | Sidebar subscriptions menu option to update all manually.
– Core | Added search option to always route through a proxy.
– Core | Search templates now support full cookies.
– Core | New isError tag constraint.
– Core | Extended tag execute-on-assign actions to include pause and resume.
– Core | Added some time-related tag constraint expressions to support time-based automatic tag assignment.
– Core | Support for anonymous updating.
– Core | New tag removal policy of ‘move to old tag’ .

# Changes:
* UI | Recent SWT updates require minimum of Java 8 – introduced Java version specific updates.
* UI | Keep track of custom colors and pass existing to color-chooser dialog.
* UI | Added colors to the tags in open-torrent-options.
* UI | Auto-select newly created tags in open-torrent-options and handle deletion better.
* UI | Warn when re-targeting to a file of different size.
* UI | Brazilian Portuguese translation update.
* UI | Spanish translation update.
* UI | Relative dates now have ‘ago’ added.
* UI | Java options editing now available for OSX.
– Core | Various optimizations such as StringBuffer->StringBuilder.
– Core | Support as/xs in magnet links.
– Core | Automatic JVM memory increase now more aggressive.
– Core | Explicitly check if SSL certificates are trusted as relying on the Java runtime to do it sometimes results in excess prompts.
– Core | Prevent erroneous attempt to auto-remove non-persistent downloads from tags.

# Corrected Bugs:
* UI | Fix restoration of tag views in classic UI.
* UI | Scope display for tag add/remove was broken.
* UI | Changes to ip-filter from privacy tab were not being recorded.
* UI | Handle invalid DPI.
* UI | Column-reset was broken for All Peers view.
– Core | Don’t auto-import torrents for archived downloads.
– Core | Large web-page responses broke strict clients by returning incorrect content-length.
– Core | Handle chunked transfer-encoding.
– Core | Initial download for new subscriptions not always occurring.
– Core | Handler network interface enumeration exception during initialization.
– Core | Reduce opportunity for blocking when searching at startup.
– Core | Support bigger maximum piece sizes.
– Core | Don’t attempt to apply tag constraints when Vuze is closing.


Vuze screenshot (620 pix)

Besturingssytemen: Android, OS X, Java, Linux, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website: http://www.vuze.com/
Download: http://www.vuze.com/download.php
Licentietype: Freeware
Bron: Tweakers.net + Vuze.com