Update Swisslog 5.97c (zendamateurs)

SWISSLOG for Windows is a sophisticated logging program for Amateur Radio.
The most important SWISSLOG functions are:

* Add, Edit and Delete QSO’s
* View and Print Logbook.
* Import and Export of QSO’s. NEW  Swisslog fulfills the ADIF v3.0.4 specifications
* Manage many Awards: DXCC, IOTA, WAS, WAE, WAZ, WPX, SOTA, WCA, WFF, JA Prefectures, US Counties, DOK, RDA, TEN-TEN, ARLHS and many more!
* Transceiver Control (Kenwook, Yaesu, Icom, TRX Manager, MixW and HRD)  NEW  Support FT-450 / 950 / 2000 / DX5000 / DX9000
* Rotor-Control (ARS from EA4TX, Hy-Gain, Yaesu, Sartek)  NEW   Support ARS-USB interface and ARS-VCOM software by EA4TX
* Integrated Telnet and Internet Support.  NEW  fully updated Telnet server list!
* Fully integrated LOTW automatic and manual sync Support.   NEW  Support TQSL 2.0
* Callbook Support: local (RACB, BUCKMASTER) and Internet DBs (QRZ, HamCall and  NEW  HAMQTH)
* Support of QSL-Manager Databases: local DBs: (RACB, Golist y DF6EX) and Internet DBs: QRZ, Golist and  NEW  IK3QAR.
* DX-Cluster Support — Interfaces with External Packet Programs
* DX-Telnet Support – specifically for use with Internet DX Clusters
* Hamscope, MixW, CW-Type, TrueTTY, HDR Support
* World map.  NEW High resolution image used as background
* Propagation Prediction
* Print and Display Reports (Awards, Statistics, etc.)
* Extensive User Defined Layouts for Reports, QSL-Cards, QSL-Labels, Statistics
* Display detailed information about the QSO-Partner
* Pivot-Tables
* Save and Restore Logbooks
* Merge Databases
* Schedule Control
* Round-Table Support
* Uses ACCESS database to store the QSO’s
* User Definable Logbook Queries like ACCESS


The new full version contains all components needed for a new installation or updates Swisslog if you have already installed version 5.2 or higher. It also includes the documentation and help in English, Spanish, German and French as well as other components that previously were needed to download them separately (background world map images, some reports and QSL formats and audio files for the DX-Cluster sound announcements)

After setup go to HELP > ABOUT… > REGISTER. Type your callsign and press “Add registration”.

WINDOWS VISTA / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 USERS: It’s absolutely mandatory that you run the Swisslog setup with administrator rights in Windows Vista or higher otherwise Swisslog won’t work properly. Click the right mouse button over the setup file and choose “Run as administrator”. It’s also advisable to disable User Account Control (UAC) from the Windows control panel. The setup program will remind you all this information when you start the installation, just if you have forgotten to perform this operations previously.

In order to keep your Swisslog logbook sincronised with Logbook of the World you need to install the Trusted QSL software.



Version 5.97c includes the following corrections/enhancements:

  • LOTW Synchronization: Read Time out error


Version 5.97b  includes the following corrections/enhancements:

  • NEW: Band map: now with a single mouse click on a spot, you get the Quick Info to know previous QSOs and other statistic info
  • NEW: Band map: Show if Dupe (band) and Show if Dupe (band/mode) options: If a spotted call is dupe, (D) is added before the callsign (i.e: (D) EA3GCV). User can choose dupe checking by band or band/mode. Band option is activated by default. If none are checked dupes are not displayed.
  • NEW: Online logbooks: added option to Disable error messages / warnings after saving. This will disable messages like “Dupe QSO”, “Server is not responding” etc. sent by the server when QSO upload fails. This is especially useful when working linked with external programs such as MixW, WSJT-X, JTDX, etc. This way we avoid that saving request from the external program is not blocked by these kind of messages.
  • NEW: Swisslog is now able to read the following modes if found in the DX Mesasage comments: FT8, HELL, JT65, JT9, MSK144, OLIVIA, PSK31, PSK63, PSK125 and RTTY. SSB, CW and RTTY are calculated automatically according the Swisslog band plan. This is very useful for statistic info and for showing dupe (band/mode option) on band maps.
  • Corrected: no spots displayed in Dx message windows or band maps
  • Corrected: Violation error when closing options dialog for MixW, FLDIGI, HamScope and MultiPSK if the Add QSO window was not open.
  • Corrected: repeated beeps when finding a dupe when the option to change color is selected.
  • Corrected: Band Map always stayed on top even disabling the Always on Top option.
  • Corrected: “AZ: is not a valid time” error in DX Messages / Band Map windows
  • Corrected: Swisslog freezes on closing sometimes when band map is used
  • Corrected: When pressing point or comma the second time in the callsign field, 2 letters of callsign were deleted even if “/P” was not found
  • Corrected: if band map had focus and user changed to use another program, keyboard was disabled sometimes.
  • Corrected: eQSL configuration: QTH Nickname was not saved if added in the eQSL tab of the Online Logbooks configuration
  • Corrected: eQSL upload: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request error. Caused when Comments field contained ampersnad (&), line feed or return carriage.
  • Corrected: QRZ upload: “missing” or “Unable to add QSO to database” errors. Caused when Comments,QTH or Operator fields contained (&) or (;).
  • Corrected: Ignored the following new ADIF fields during LOTW synchronisation: APP_LoTW_CQZ_UserInvalid and APP_LoTW_ITUZ_UserInvalid
  • Corrected: band plan recreated to adapt it to the latest frequency changes (Region 1). Please check and adapt it if you are in other region
  • Corrected: QRG was not uploaded in the right format when uploading logbook to QRZ and HRDLOG.
  • Changed: WAZ statistic now will accept LoTW confirmations according to the last agreement between CQ and LoTW.


Besturingssystemen: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Website:   http://www.swisslogforwindows.com
Download:   http://www.swisslogforwindows.com/english/Frame_EN.htm
Licentietype:   Swisslog has been released in the public domain!