HAM Office is a professional program for inputting and analysis of log data. It is based on the experience of years of logbook and many programming instructions, requests and reviews of amateur radio.

The program combines the political and physical representation of earth, continents and countries with amateur radio-specific information.Thanks to vector-oriented graphics the graphics card and can adapt to any screen resolution and are very detailed zoomable. Using the program is extremely clear and simple.

HAM Office basically offers all the important features for a thorough and appealing entry of QSO logbook data and analysis are needed. Help support functions at every step from the first startup of the program. About the extensive import features to import data from almost any office HAM logger program.

A major advantage of HAM Office are the regular data updates on the Internet that provide a database usually that is more recent than the other newly-related programs. This regular data updates are a service that is offered for the program, but they are not part of the program. They are free and not included in the program price.

The following are the main features of this program are as follows:

  • Enter and change the QSO data in an input window with lots of additional information
  • Evaluations of the most important log data in list form, tables, bar charts and maps
  • Importing the QSO data from all other logbook programs about import filters and ADIF
  • Data export: ADIF, CSV, STF, text files
  • Expression of all important lists
  • automatic generation of HTML files
  • current prefix cross-reference
  • Browse the logbook according to different criteria
  • Diploma evaluations
  • Zoomable world map and Germany with political, physical, and neutral view, Globe
  • in the cards degree and locator network, CQ and ITU zones, DXCC, land, prefix, DXCC information, position flag, call sign search
  • DX Cluster module for TNC and Telnet
  • SAT SAT module list and satellite tracking
  • UHF contest, WAG contest, many other contests
  • professional QSL printing on labels or cards
  • Access to Call Book and Internet databases (FNA, QRZ.COM, eQSL, LotW, HO WebLog)
  • CAT, GPS and rotor interface
  • Additional module “HAM Diploma”
  • E-mail QSL



  • new function “Extras – Synchronization” for easier comparison of two HAM OFFICE (for example between PC and notebook)
  • Optimization for qrz.com login, if only name and QTH are entered, but the small web browser is not visible
  • new LogCheck option: in the “advanced” search input there are now options “in file”, “not in file”, “does not end with”, “does not start with”
  • LogCheck: in the “Value” fields of the extended search input, many more values ​​can now be entered separated by commas
  • LogCheck: The field “own Pwr” is now better evaluated, even if times “kW” or “W” are in the values
  • Help Update
  • QSO entry: If you enter a call sign that already has several QSOs in the log, the bar moves to the most recent QSO. If the sorting is such that the most recent date is up, then the QSO sorting also adjusts itself in this case.
  • After entering RST with minus or plus sign, the program automatically proposes FT8 as mode



Een volledig nieuwe versie waarvoor een nieuwe registratiesleutel nodig is.Spijtig genoeg is deze versie nog steeds maar alleen in de Duitse taal beschikbaar niettegenstaande het Engels de bruikbare taal is in de wereld van de zendamateurs.

Besturingssystemen: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website: http://www.hamoffice.de/
Licentietype: Shareware en Freeware voor clubs

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