Update TR4W 4.61 Contestprogramma (zendamateurs)

TR4W (TR for Windows) is a freeware program for operating in amateur radio contests. Program is based on source code of the TR LOG MS-DOS program, kindly provided by Larry Tyree, N6TR (author of TR LOG). The basic idea of the TR4W project is porting TR LOG code to the Windows environment. TR4W is written in pure Windows API (application programming interface) and designed to be as small and fast as possible. Size of the executable file is only 160 kB. At the same time, the program contains almost 40 windows and consists of more than 100,000 lines of code. The TR4W project was started in March 2006, by Dmitriy Gulyaev, UA4WLI.


Main features:

  • TR LOG function-compatible interface.
  • Windows OS platform – Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7.
  • Minimal system requirements (200MHz CPU, 16 Mb RAM).
  • Support of more than 155 contests.
  • Over 250 TR LOG commands already supported + 80 new.
  • Two-radio support.
  • On-the-fly MP3 recorder.
  • Interface with Winkeyer.
  • Multi-user mode


Other features:

  • Radio interface with HF/VHF transcivers including Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood and TenTec. Interface via serial (COM) ports or USB <-> RS-232 serial adapters.
  • Support of Winkeyer USB.
  • Support of Two Radio mode (SO2R).
  • Support of networked mode. Client–server model, TCP protocol.
  • Control of antenna band decoder via LPT port.
  • Antenna rotators control.
  • Scalable size of the main window – depending on your monitor resolution.
  • Build in on-fly MP3 recorder.
  • CW manipulation via COM and LPT ports. CW monitor via computer speaker.
  • Log backup to USB Flash drive.


Supported contest : http://www.tr4w.net/tr4w_contests.html



  • 4.60.1 ALT-A will re-init wKey (N5AW)
  • 4.60.2 Issue 265 Add SMR dom to EA.DOM for King of Spain (EI3CTB)
  • 4.60.3 Issue 266 USA F.D. fails to accept ‘AA’ prefix as USA (N4AF)
  • 4.60.4 Issue 267 Add RF-VHF-FD (UR7QM)
  • 4.60.5 Issue 268 ARRL FD should not compute score based on mults (N4AF)
  • 4.60.6 Issue 267 Fix ADIF for 432mhz (UR7QM)
  • 4.60.7 Add cty.dat 2708 prep 4.61.0 (N4AF)
  • 4.61.1 Issue 269 change adif vhf 432mhz to 70cm and 1GHz to 23CM (UR7QM)


Besturingssystemen: Windows98/ME/2000/XP/Vista / Windows 7
Website: http://www.tr4w.net
Download:  http://tr4w.net/4.61/tr4w_setup_4_61.0.exe
Licentietype: Freeware