FLDIGI is software voor het ontvangen van een breed scala aan digitale Amateur Radio modes en loopt onder Windows W2K, XP, Vista, Windows 7 en Linux (!).

FLDIGI is een computer programma dat speciaal bedoeld is voor de digitale Amateur Radio Modes die van een PC gebruik maken en werkt met een gewone HF SSB transceiver welke verbonden wordt met de input en output van de PC geluidskaart. Er wordt een seriële poort gebruikt voor het besturen van de PTT van de set.

FLDIGI is multi-mode, wat betekent dat het de meeste populaire digimodes ondersteunt zonder dat je steeds van programma hoeft te wisselen, dus hoef je maar 1 programma te leren. De meest populaire modes zoals DominoEX, MFSK16, PSK31, en RTTY worden ondersteund. Het mooie is dat het programma ook onder Linux te verkrijgen is. En dat is vrij uniek. Voor degenen die eens wat anders willen proberen.

Beginners Guide to Fldigi: http://www.w1hkj.com/beginners.html



flarq idtimer * Add 10 minute id timer to statFrame


Greek language update * updated el.po submitted by Haris, SV1GRB


Documentation Update * Add nanoCW, nanoFSK, Navigator interface. * Update macro matrix display (48 macros in 4 rows)


xmlrpc cat string * add send cat string to flrig – similar to <RIGCAT macro


tmpfile * tmpfile() is apparently not thread safe on OS X remove usage from SoundBase::format_supported(…)


Serial port discovery * Add /dev/rfcomm? blue tooth serial device names to serial device list


Log entries * Change mode entry for Olivia, MT63, Thor, Throb to include submode. – allows correct setting of mode / submode when retrieving a logbook entry.


rx/tx * correct action of tx over rx toggle


RTTY Quick pick * disable RTTY quick pick if using nanoIO or Navigator


flarq appdir * change test for FL_APPS folder


WinKey PTT * Enable winkey PTT


CW/FSK I/O on start * restore last connect state of Nav / tinyCW / tinyFSK when starting program


Default Lighted Button * Allow user to specify the default ON color for all lighted buttons not specifically configured.


ST/PR macro tags * Add macro tags for State and Province


Logbook read * Make Rx panel announcement of read user optional


Navigator * Add Navigator terminal unit support for FSK – options setting panel



* nanoIO is the interface code for the device nanoIO, an Arduino project that provide hard line keying of CW and FSK

* nanoFSK – Add interface and support code for nanoIO / tinyFSK Arduino FSK keyers – Modify waterfall frequency display for transceiver FSK – Modify dxcluster qsy operations to provide correct QSY for transceiver FSK – Add TTY transceiver mode recognition if transceiver mode string contains RTTY or FSK

*nanoCW – Add CW support using nanoIO – CW WPM 5 to 100 – CW dash/dot ratio: 2.5 to 3.5


quick pick rtty baud * add 100 Baud


K2/K3/KX3 data modes * Add DATA / DATA-R as FSK type submodes if either tinyFSK, Navigator or Right-Channel FSK signaling interface is enabled.


Modem start frequency

* Change initialization of modem start up frequency – prevent unintended start @ 1000 Hz for every change in mode

* Modem startup will honor the sweet spot frequency unless it is incompatible with the modem requirement


fsq/ifkp audit logs * Enable audit log open/close from configuration panel * Correct date-time stamp in logs


RTTY browser decode * fix browser decoder sense when transceiver is in LSB type mode, i.e. FSK, LSB, LSB-D etc. 8



* Fixed bug in 8psk 125F/250F init code – Bad constraint length was causing decoder to fail

* New preamble for 8PSK FEC modes – FEC modes preamble is now a continuous tone at center-frequency – Gives reference for clicking & selecting signal on waterfall. – Is backwards compatible with previous-version 8psk preambles

* Adjusted 8PSK-F modes flush/postamble length much longer – Can visually see the inlv flush and postamble “tail” on waterfall – New flust/postamble extends beyond data, to prevent cutoff

* Code, formatting, and comments cleaned-up for 8PSK code



Besturingssystemen: Windows W2K, XP, Vista , Windows 7 en Linux
Website: http://www.w1hkj.com/
Download: http://www.w1hkj.com/download.html
Licentietype: Freeware

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