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New Jersey QSO Party 1/2 [CW,PH | 80,40,20,15,10]


  • Contact as many NJ amateurs in as many NJ counties as possible.
  • NJ stations contact as many amateurs in the US, Canada and the world as possible.


  • September 21
  • Sat. 1200 (noon) EDST (1600 UTC) to 2359 EDST (0359 UTC)


  • 80 , 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters ONLY.
  • Suggested frequencies:
 Band CW Phone
80M 3.550 3.825
40M 7.050 7.190
20M 14.050 14.250
15M 21.050 21.400
10M 28.050 28.400
Digital - Freqs. associated w/mode

Entry Categories

  • Single Operator
    • High power (150 W or more)
    • Low power (<150 W)
    • QRP (5 W or less)
  • Multi-operator
    • High power (150W or more)
    • Low power (<150 W)
    • QRP (5 W or less))
  • Mobile/Rover/Portable
    • Low power (<150 W)
    • QRP (5 W or less)
    • NJ stations, operating in more than one NJ county, must append a slash and the county abbreviation to their call.
    • Non-NJ stations, operating in more than one state or province should append a slash and their state or province abbreviation to their call.
    • Mobile or portable stations that change geographic area (county for NJ stations or S/P/DX for others) are considered to be a new station and may be contacted again for QSO points and multiplier credit. No station may claim simultaneous operation in more than one county, state, or province.
  • Rookie
    • Licensed within 1 year of date of the NJQP.
    • Rookie operators should select "Rookie" in the overlay category.


  • CW, Digital and Phone.
  • No repeater or internet modes.

NJ Club Aggregate Score

  • Entrants should specify which ARRL affiliated NJ based club, if any, they wish their score to be attributed.
  • Must be a bona-fide member in good standing of said club.



  • The same station may be contacted on CW, Digital and Phone on each band.
  • Rover stations may be contacted in each county, state, province, or country.
  • QSO score = two points per valid CW or Digital QSO plus one point per valid phone QSO times the number of multipliers.
  • Power Multiplier
    • High power (150 watts or more) = 1
    • Low power (< 150 watts) = 2
    • QRP (5 watts or less) = 4
      NOTE:  The power multiplier is for the highest power used for any NJQP QSO. QRP station must be 5 watts or less at all times during the NJQP.
  • Final score = QSO score X Power Multiplier.



  • A plaque, sponsored by the SNJ Section Manager, for the highest scoring station in SNJ (minimum 50 contacts).
  • A plaque, sponsored by the NNJ Section Manager, for the highest scoring station in NNJ (minimum 50 contacts).
  • A plaque, sponsored by Delaware Valley Radio Association, W2ZQ, will be awarded to the highest scoring non-NJ station (minimum 25 contacts).
  • Certificates will be awarded to the highest scoring station in each NJ county, and in each state and province in each of the entry categories. Certificates will be sent via email.
  • A printed certificate will be available for a $5.00 USD fee to cover postage and printing.
  • A gavel sponsored by BCRC will be awarded to the ARRL affiliated NJ based club with the highest aggregate score (minimum 3 entries, 75 total contacts). Explanation – 3 (or more) entries, the sum total contacts of all the club’s entries e.g. 73+1+1, 25+25+25, 15+30+10+20 etc.
  • Additional awards for significant achievement may be awarded at the sponsoring club's discretion.


  • Only electronic Cabrillo logs will be accepted. All logs must be emailed to by October 1.
  • Paper logs may be converted to Cabrillo format using the NJQP application on website.
  • Cabrillo format:

Other Info