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AGCW QRP Contest [CW | 80,40,20,15,10]

I. Objective The AGCW-DL invites all radio amateurs to participate in the annual QRP CONTEST. The QRP CONTEST is to arouse and to promote the interest in all aspects of low power amateur radio communication. QRO stations who want to learn about these activities by contacting QRP stations are therefore also invited. They will be counted in a separate category.
II. Dates Annually on the second Saturday in March from 1400 to 2000 UTC.
III. Bands 80m (3510-3560kHz), 40m, 20m (14000-14060kHz), 15m, 10m. The IARU Region 1 band plan must be adhered to!
IV. Categories VLP: Very Low Power = up to 1W output (2W input)
QRP: classic QRP = up to 5W output (10W input)
MP: moderate Power = up to 25W output (50W input)
QRO: more than 25W output (50W input)
V. Operation Only CW (A1A). Only single OP. Only one TX and RX or TRX is allowed to be operated simultaneously.  Each station may be worked once per band. The use of decoders or reader software is not allowed.

    RST report plus fa progressive 3-digit serial number starting at 001 /category/AGCW member number. Example: 579001/QRP/1234
    Non-members have to send "NM" instead of the member number. Example: 599027/MP/NM
    The slashes are part of the exchange and must be sent.
VI. Scoring
    QRO <--> QRO: 0 points
    QRO <--> QRP, MP, VLP: 2 points
    MP  <--> MP, QRP, VLP: 2 points
    QRP <--> QRP, VLP: 3 points
    VLP <--> VLP: 3 points
  2. MULTIPLIERS: Each contact with a member of AGCW is worth one multiplier per band.
  3. TOTAL SCORE: Sum of the QSO points of all bands multiplied with the sum of all multiplier points of all bands.
    Dupes must be labeled. Dupes count 0 points.
VII. Awards All participants can print their certificate bicolor in A4 format as PDFdownloaden.
The link for downloading will be announced in the results.
VIII. LOG-Submission Even small logs are welcome! The results will be published in the AGCW-INFO, in the YL-Info and in the CQ-DL.

  1. ELECTRONIC LOGS: Please use only the Logs in Cabrillo format via email. The log should be sent with the following file names: CALL.CBR (as DK7ZH.CBR)
    A logging program was provided by ArComm and can be downloaded as freeware here:
    The logs should be sent to:
  3. DEADLINE: Arrived at the manager until 31 March.

Checklogs are welcome, also comments of the participants.
Publication of the Contest results will be announced promptly after the deadline.