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Dutch PACC Contest [CW,SSB | 160,80,40,20,15,10]

2019 PACC contest

Starts: February 9th at 12:00 UTC

Ends: February 10th at 11:59 UTC

Rules for foreign participants

For foreign operators only a few things changed.

Important issues:

  • All mixed mode categories are allowed to work a station twice per band, once in CW and once in SSB. If the station is a multiplier it will be counted as two multipliers.
  • Cabrillo format mandatory. See Cabrillo V3.0 page for details!
  • Log submission, analyzing and checking will be done by a software suite developed by HA1AH with a web based interface (details will follow on this website).
  • After submission an automated e-mail will be sent back stating whether the log complies to the needed Cabrillo format including a gross score check and calculation. After the submission deadline all logs will be further analyzed and cross-checked. After the full check, participants will get an e-mail with their resulting score and log errors.
  • You can also send your Cabrillo log ( or ) to the new e-mail address:
  • Please put your call and category in the subject of the mail.
  • Please make sure you include your full postal address in the Cabrillo Header. If not, we can’t send you the token of merit…!

Rules in a nutshell:

  • Work as many Dutch stations as possible per band.
  • 160m-10m SSB/CW, except WARC, IARU bandplan.
  • Exchange: send RST+serial number starting with 001.
  • Dutch stations give RST+Province abbreviation: GR, FR, DR, OV, GD, UT, NH, ZH, NB, LB, ZL, FL.
  • Categories: SOAB-CW, SSB or MIXED; each HP or LP (<100W), MIXED also QRP (<5W); MOAB (mixed, no restriction on # TX); SOSB-CW, SOSB-SSB, SWL-MIXED.
  • Multipliers: number of provinces per band per mode.
  • Points: one point per valid QSO.
  • Final score: total number of QSOs x total number of mults.