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ES OPEN HF Championship [CW,SSB | 80,40]

You are all invited to participate in the traditional ES Open HF Championship Contest held on Saturday, 20th of April!

Contest bands: 80m and 40m simultaneously. Foreign (non ES) participants can work only ES-stations during the contest (ES-stations can also work each other).

The contest starts at 5:00 UTC and has 4 tours (subcontests), each lasting 1 hour. Any ES-station can be contacted twice during this hour on 80m and twice on 40m – one QSO in CW and one in SSB on both bands! So, maximum number of QSO-s with the same station during the whole contest (in mixed category) can be 16 (4×4). The contest ends at 8:59 UTC.

Contest exchange: RS(T) + serial No, starting 001 (number is continuous).
Each CW QSO gives 2 points, each SSB QSO 1 point.
Different ES-call areas (prefixes ES0 – ES9) serve as multipliers on each band and mode (max 40)!
Score: Sum of QSO points x total multiplier.

The complete rules of the contest can be found here!

The Contest Committee recommends N1MM+ Logging Software for this contest – see the instructions here! 

Results of the previous years can be seen here!

Send your log (Cabrillo-format preferred) before May 1st to:    or  upload it from the ES-Open web-page at:

CU in ES Open 2019!

ERAU HF Committee