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Russian Contest Club Cup [CW,SSB | 80,40,20,15,10]

CUP of Russian Contest Club 2019

  • Start: Saturday of 1st full weekend of May in 03:00 UTC (04 May, 2019 in 03:00)
  • Finish: Saturday in 08:59 UTC (04 May, 2019 in 08:59)
  • Bands: 80 m, 40 m, 20 m, 15 m, 10 m
  • Modes: CW, SSB

Director of the contest – Alexander Smagin, RA9AP (RCC#169).


CW – «CQ RCC», «Test RCC»,
SSB – «RCC Contest».
Please don`t operate DX-windows

CATEGORIES (classes):

Russian Contest Club (RCC members):

  • SINGLE-OP MIXED (High, Low)
  • SINGLE-OP CW (High, Low)
  • SINGLE-OP SSB (High, Low)

Multi-Operators one transmitter all bands


Multi-Operators one transmitter all bands

  • SINGLE-OP MIXED (High, Low)
  • SINGLE-OP CW (High, Low)
  • SINGLE-OP SSB (High, Low)

The winners in each category are determined on the continents. The definition of the continents is carried out according to the rules of DXCC award.

SINGLE-OP MEMBER, MULTI-ONE MEMBER – Russian Contest Club (RCC) members;
MULTI-ONE JUNIOR, MULTI-ONE SSB JUNIOR – age of participants up to 19 years.

For all the categories:

  • no limits for changes of band;
  • only one transmitted signal at any given time is permitted;
  • only one entry may be submitted for a callsign.
  • Any help from third parties to make QSO is prohibited, except for use DX-cluster or skimmers.


RCC members:

  • Members Of The Russian Contest Club:
    RS(T) + RCC + membership number on the list of RCC. Example: 59(9) RCC23.The current list of members of the RCC, see the website:
    The list will be recorded on 2 May 2019.
  • The rest of the participants:
    RS(T) + ITU zone number. Example: 59(9) 29.



  • 3 points per QSO with stations on own continent;
  • 5 points per QSO with stations on another continent;
  • 10 points per QSO with members of the RCC (transmitting membership number), regardless of zone;
    Same station may be worked twice on each band – SSB and CW.



  • Different membership numbers RCC on each band regardless of mode;
  • Different ITU zones on each band regardless of mode.



Final result is sum of points for QSO on all bands multiplied on sum of multipliers on all bands.
Judging is conducted on the basis of the received logs from the participants.

QSO is not counted in the following cases:

  • if you do not get a log of the correspondent; (NoLog)
  • if the QSO is not in the log correspondent; (NotInLog)
  • if the wrong exchanges and callsign or differance of time more than 3 minutes then QSO is not counted for both correspondents.
    (BadCallsign, Receive error, Partner error)

Note for SWL:
SWL have no category.



1st place winners in all the categories, which will not less than 20 participants (for JUNIOR – not less than 10) are awarded with plaques.



The prize Fund from sponsors of the competition played in a lottery among ALL participants of the contest, which will hold not
less than 100 QSOs and send a log before deadline.

The lottery is conducted in a live “video broadcast”, the results are published on the website
and in the Amateur radio media.



Logs are accepted ONLY in electronic form in CABRILLO format. In the Subject section of the e-mail specify the file name (just call), for example: RA9AP.LOG. or RA9AP.CBR. Logs are different from CABRILLO and in electronic form only (any file PDF, WORD, TXT) with the indication of all data QSOs are accepted only as CHECKLOG. In any case, send log, including CHECKLOG, welcomed the jury, even if in the contest made only one QSO.

Sending of electronic logs:
Log may be upload via Web interface. Or E-mail:

E-mail for questions:

No later than 23.59UTC of 11th May.