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UN DX Contest [CW,SSB | 80,40,20,15,10]


Rules 2019


  1. General
    1. The Kazakhstan Federation of Radiosport and Radioamateur (KFRR) and Ministry of Tourism and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan are announcing the UN DX CONTEST (Open Kazakhstan Championship).
    2. All world-wide radio amateurs having the amateur radio licence are invited to participation.
  1. Contest Period, Bands and Modes

2.1. Contest period: 06.00 UTC 18 May – 21.00 UTC 18 May 2019

2.2. Bands: 160m, 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m.

2.3. Modes: CW and SSB

  1. Categories

– SO-AB-MIX-HP – Single Op, All Bands, MIXED

– SO-AB-CW-HP – Single Op, All Bands, CW

– MO-AB-MIX-HP – Multi Op, One Radio, MIX

– SO-HB-MIX-HP Single Op, High bands (10, 15, 20), MIXED

– SO-LB-MIX-HP Single Op, Low bands (40, 80, 160), MIXED



3.3. Number of band changes is not limited for all categories.

3.4. Participants may change the bands and modes without any restrictions. Only one signal can be transmitted at any time.

3.5. Single Operator participants may declare in only one category of the contest, but it can be done QSOs on other bands or other modes for a check log.

3.6. MOST category is MIXED and HP only.

  1. Exchange

4.1. Kazakhstan stations should send signal report + district code of KDA (one letter and two digits, for example L17)

4.2. Non-Kazakhstan stations should send signal report + QSO number, starting with 001

  1. QSO Points

5.1. Kazakhstan stations:

– QSO with own country – 2 points,

– QSO with a different country on own continent – 3 points,

– QSO with another continent – 5 points.

5.2. Non-Kazakhstan stations:

– QSO with Kazakhstan station – 10 points (any continent),

– QSO with own country – 2 points,

– QSO with a different country on own continent – 3 points,

– QSO with another continent – 5 points.

5.3. Dupes are contacts made with the same station on the same band and mode. If the first contact between stations is valid, dupes will have 0 points value. If the first contact is not valid, second (dupe) contact is accepted. Dupe contacts are not lead to penalty; one does not have to mark them in the log submission. Moreover, entrants are strictly recommended to leave DUPES in the log file. DO NOT DELETE DUPES!

5.4. SWL stations must copy new one or both exchange numbers, points are scored on common rules.

  1. Multipliers

6.1. Two types of multiplier are using:

– One multiplier (1) for each different KDA district contacted on each band.

– One multiplier (1) for each different DXCC country contacted on each band.

  1. Final Score

7.1. The final score is the result of total QSO points multiplied by sum of KDA districts and DXCC countries.

  1. Logs

8.1. We prefer electronics logs in the CABRILLO format created by all major logging programs.

8.2. All times must be in GMT, all sent and received exchanges need to be logged.

8.3. The ASCII plain text file format is also acceptable.

8.4. At the header of electronic log you MUST specify a category of entrance and the full postal address for sending to the participant UN DX Contest results, trophies, awards and certificates. The written declaration is not necessary.

8.5. Log submissions in MS Word, Excel or UUE-coded files may cause a disqualification of the entrant in case of wrong file conversion to plain text format.

8.6. Hand-written log can be made in chronological order or have a separate sheet for each band. 8.7. Each QSO must contain callsign, time, band, exchange number (both sent and received, even for check logs).

8.8. Points and final score calculations are not necessary; calculations will be done by our software.

8.9. Logs must be submitted to the contest manager within 30 days.

8.10. Electronic logs must be submitted by e-mail to: log(at)

8.11. Logs should be sent as an attachment named yourcall.log, e.g. UN7PBY.log. Be sure to put the station callsign and category in the “Subject:” line, e.g.: UN7PBY SOAB SSB LP

8.12. Paper logs shall be sent to: UN DX Contest, P. O. Box 88, 010000 Astana, Kazakhstan

  1. Awards

9.1. Non-Kazakhstan station:

    • Plaques will be awarded for winners in each category, provided that the number of participants in this category, no less than five.
    • Certificates will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each category.
    • Certificates will be awarded for every country winner in each category.

9.2. Kazakhstan station:

    • Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each category by the Ministry of Tourism and Sport Republic of Kazakhstan.
    • Any participants may claim the Kazakhstan Federation of Radiosport and Radioamateurs awards from the contacts made in the contest.



Rules on Russian language available here.