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Update Voice Keyer 1.23  (zendamateurs)

Update Voice Keyer 1.23 (zendamateurs)

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Audio voice keyer Microphone input, speaker output Live microphone enable Record/play audio from twelve memories Display text of recorded audio Transmitter keyed via serial (com) port Loop (with variable delay) audio output   Besturingssystemen:   Windows XP tot en met Windows 10 Website:   http://www.hotamateurprograms.com/ Download:  http://www.hotamateurprograms.com/Vista%20Installs/voice%20keyer.exe Licentietype:  Freeware Programs that are now Windows 10/ Windows 8/ Windows7/Vista compatible must have the previous versions de-installed (use the Start->Control Panel->Add/remove programs). The new installer will not remove the previous installation and programs may not execute properly if the previous v...