Er is een update voor Ham Radio Deluxe. Ham Radio Deluxe is een zeer goed logboekprogramma en daarbij een uitstekend Digital modes programma. Verder heb je ook nog in het programma  een DX-Cluster – Satellite tracking – Scanning – Rig Control en Rotor Cotrol. En met het gebruik van DigiMaster 780 kan je vele andere digitale modes werken.


Rig Control:

Rotor Control:


Satellite Tracking:




Here is what is included in this release:

Bulk Callsign Lookup – this feature will allow you to select multiple QSOs in your log and perform the callsign lookup function on them. You will be able to choose whether to fill only empty fields or fill all fields in the QSO. If your enabled lookup sources have data to fill those fields, it will do so automatically. This will be very helpful for those who import logs into HRD Logbook from other programs. This feature will be perpetually available to customers whose Software Maintenance and Support expiration date is beyond the release date for this release.

Additionally, the following improvements are available to all Ham Radio Deluxe customers:
– CQ US Counties award tracking initial version
– ICOM IC-705 added
– FTDX101D/MP antenna switch added
– Google Earth Pro integrated to Logbook and Satellite Tracking
– QSL labeling fixed for Brother and Dymo label printers
– ILGRadio shortwave database again supported
– Outstanding items in Logbook Lookup Pane fixed
– Daylight savings time issue with Satellite Tracking fixed
– Fixed issue that prevents activation keys from being deactivated

  • [Bug] QSL Labeling printing
  • [Bug] QSL label multi-QSO printing broken
  • [Bug] QSL Labeling printing
  • [Bug] Parent issue for QSL labeling issues
  • [Enhancement] Selectable Date Format in QSL Labels
  • [Bug] Printing label, output garbled when adding QSL VIA
  • [Enhancement] Printing extra items on a label
  • [Bug] Logbook – Problems with Brother QL-700 and DK-11201 Labels
  • [Bug] Dimensions on Avery stock is way off for label printing
  • [Bug] Power field in QSL Label Printing
  • [Bug] Label Printing 2 qso’s on one label
  • [Bug] Dymo label print issue
  • [Enhancement] Add ICOM IC-705
  • [Enhancement] Add two additional commands to FTDX101D/MP and relabel
  • [Bug] Parent: Issues with Lookup Pane in Logbook
  • [Bug] Lookup Pane works even when no Logbook database has focus
  • [Bug] Lookup Pane returning incorrect Data
  • [Bug] Selecting Heading from Lookup Pane turns Rotor to 0 degrees
  • [Bug] Logbook Lookup pane, coordinates won’t open Google Earth
  • [Bug] Lookup pane in Logbook suffers from race condition
  • [Bug] Lookup pane spuriously looks up call signs only partially entered
  • [Bug] The Lookup Pane not always reporting a country
  • [Bug] Issues with the Lat/Lon links in the Lookup Pane
  • [Bug] v6.7.0.277 not populating Lookup Pane & ALE
  • [Bug] HRD label – “Use Month Text”
  • [Bug] CDXCObject (DX cluster “lookup”) is taking a VERY long time)
  • [Enhancement] Label issue
  • [Bug] v5.7.0.301 and all betas afterward – Bug in the Date column of the DX Cluster.
  • [Bug] QSL Printing crashes immediately
  • [Enhancement] Lookup pane in Logbook doesn’t update highlight of current radio band or mode
  • [Enhancement] Add bulk callsign lookup in Logbook
  • [Enhancement] Enable Counties Award (formatting problem with County field)
  • [Bug] In Logbook “Print” dialog, font, “Range” and “Print On” combos should be drop-downs
  • [Enhancement] Option to print qsl label via another call
  • [Bug] Selected font size does not stay set in label printing
  • [Bug] Trail keys cannot be deactivated
  • [Bug] ILGRadio database (New .txt structure is not read by properly by HRD)
  • [Bug] Can’t print for “Display page memory error” message
  • [Bug] Label Date protocol not followed



Besturingssystemen: Windows
Support forum:
Licentietype: Shareware

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