Firefox is een gebruikersvriendelijke en complete browser die ontwikkeld wordt door de Mozilla stichting. De browser, die beschikbaar is voor desktop en Android, heeft de beschikking over duizenden extensies die extra functionaliteit toevoegen.

Versie 84 de laatste die nog Adobe Flash Player ondersteunt.





  • Reader mode now works with local HTML pages.
  • Using screen reader quick navigation to move to editable text controls no longer incorrectly reaches non-editable cells in some grids such as on
  • The Orca screen reader’s mouse review feature now works correctly after switching tabs in Firefox.
  • Screen readers no longer report column headers incorrectly in tables containing cells spanning multiple columns.
  • Links in Reader View now have more color contrast.
  • Various security fixes.


  • On Linux and Android, the protection to mitigate the stack clash attack has been activated.
  • From Firefox 86 onward, DTLS 1.0 is no longer supported for establishing WebRTC’s PeerConnections. All WebRTC services need to support DTLS 1.2 from now on as the minimum version.
  • Consolidated all video decoding in the new RDD process which results in a more secure Firefox.



  • Developer Information
  • CSS image-set() function in CSS is now enabled, allowing for responsive images in CSS.
  • Inactive CSS tool is now showing a warning when margin or padding is set on internal table elements.
  • Developer Tools Toolbox is now showing a number of errors on the current page. This is a quick way to surface information to a developer that something is wrong with their page. Clicking on the red exclamation icon navigates the user to the Console panel.


Besturing: Windows, Android, Linux, macOS
Licentie:  Freeware
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