JT65 – JT9 – T10 – FT8 – FT4 -WSPR 

JTDX means “JT,T10 and FT8 and FT4 modes for DXing”, it is being developed with main focus on the sensitivity and decoding efficiency, both, in overcrowded and half empty HF band conditions.

It is modified WSJT-X software forked from WSJT-X r6462.
JTDX supports JT9, JT65, T10, FT8 and FT4 © digital modes for HF amateur radio communication, focused on DXing and being shaped by community of DXers.

© 2016-2017 by Igor Chernikov, UA3DJY and Arvo Järve ES1JA

It is created with contributions from DK7UY, DO1IP, ES4RLH,G7OED, MM0HVU, RA4UDC, SV1IYF, UA3ALE, US-E-12, VE3NEA, VK3AMA,  VK6KXW, VK7YUM and LY3BG family: Vytas and Rimas Kudelis.

JTDX is licensed under the terms of Version3 of the GNU General Public License (GPL)



Cumulative changelog of rc155

– added latest WSJT-X changes to message packing/unpacking
– option to hide hint notification char, control via Notifications tab of configuration settings
– patch to band scheduler functionality
– toggle skipTx1 when user’s callsign is changed between standard and non-standard one
– option to add distance of QSO in comments of the QSO ADIF record, control via Reporting tab of configuration settings
– displaying output power functionality is updated to recently introduced Hamlib RF_POWER_METER_WATTS
– let user to get/refresh audio device list from operating system, ‘Refresh’ button is added into Audio tab of configuration settings
– update serial port list on launching JTDX configuration settings
– allow to use old CMake versions for building JTDX under Win32
– withdrawn restriction of writing UHF/VHF band change to ALL.TXT file under ‘allow TX frequency change while transmitting’ option
– added 8m band
– patch: ensure mode change on rig at acceptance of the configuration settings changes if USB or Data/Pkt is selected in JTDX ‘Radio’ tab settings
– ALLCALL7.TXT update as of 20201228, big cty as of 20201223, LoTW list update as of 20201228
– translation updates


Besturingssysteem:  Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Website:  https://www.jtdx.tech/en/
Download:   https://www.jtdx.tech/en/
Licentie:  Freeware
Schermafbeelding:  eigen schermafdruk


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