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Contest description
A 48 hour contest with the emphasis on accuracy. The contest forms round two of the four contest
series for the Single Operator Championship.

Period of Operation
The contest runs on the third full weekend of March from 0200 UTC on Saturday until 0159 UTC on
the Monday.

80m, 40m, 20m, 15m & 10m

 SOE— Single Operator Expert All Band
 SOAB — Single Operator Single Radio All Band
 SOAB100 — Single Operator Single Radio All Band 100w
 SOABQRP — Single Operator Single Radio All Band 5w
 SOAB6 — Single Operator Single Radio All Band 6 hour
 SS10, SS15, SS20, SS40, SS80 — Single Operator Single Band
 MS — Multi Operator Single Radio
 MM — Multi Operator Multi radio

Conditions and Restrictions
 All single operator classes except SOAB6 may operate a maximum of 30 hours over the 48
hours of the contest duration. SOAB6 entrants must enter a log for their FIRST 6 hours of
operation. Any contacts made after these periods must be shown in the Contest log and will
be treated as a checklog. DO NOT enter a separate CHECKLOG as this will overwrite your
 Rest periods, if taken, must be no less than 3 hours.
 Multi classes may work the full 48 hour contest period.
 Transmitter power output 100w maximum in SOAB100.
 Transmitter power output 5w maximum in SOABQRP class.
 All Single Operator and MS classes may only have one transmitted signal on the air at any
one time.  Single radio classes may only change bands once in any 5 minute period. Logging programs
may show a 5 minute band change clock. The 5 minute band change clock can be ignored by
SOE entrants only.
 Stations in areas that count as multipliers whose callsign does not reflects the correct area
must append the area after their call. E.G. W1XXX/4. Penalty will be the log becomes
CHECKLOG. Use of remote station technology permitted. Callsign MUST be correct for the
location of the transmitter.
 Entrants must operate their station within the established band plan for each band and
within the terms of their licence. Any incursion into the CW only section of any band may
incur the penalty of disqualification.

The contest exchange consists of:
 MESSAGE NUMBER: The number must be a three or four figure number starting at 001 and
incrementing by one (1) per contact
 TIME UTC (GMT): A full four figure UTC (GMT) time must be sent as part of the exchange
Example: G3XXX 599 156 1749
Each complete QSO scores one (1) point. Stations may be contacted once on each band.

All DXCC countries (including JA, W, VE and VK) and all JA, W, VE and VK areas count as multipliers
on each band. Any country or JA, W, VE or VK area may be counted again if worked on a different
Continents count as a multiplier but only count once. A maximum of 6 continent multipliers is

QSO points x multipliers x continents (max 6)

Logs must be in Cabrillo format and to be submitted to the RSGB robot NO LATER THAN 7 DAYS
AFTER THE END OF THE CONTEST. Logs submitted after the deadline will be included at the
discretion of the adjudicator by prior arrangement.

On submission of your log, the robot will email you a confirmation of entry. The initial processing will
highlight any areas of concern with your log. You may then correct and resubmit your log. IT IS
ESSENTIAL YOU ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS CORRECTLY when submitting your log for it is the only
route for communication concerning the contest. CHECK the email field on the submission page
carefully. If the adjudicator cannot communicate with you, your log may be disqualified. The
Adjudicator’s decision is final.
All logs submitted shall remain the property of the BRITISH AMATEUR RADIO TELEDATA GROUP.

Downloadable certificates will be awarded to the top three stations in each class, the top three
SOAB entrants in each continent and to the top SOAB entrant in each JA, W, VE, and VK area. Note
that Conditions and Restrictions section of the HF rules reference in this section to SOAB includes all
three SOAB classes.
Winners in any class may apply for a trophy, an engraved silver salver, for which there will be a
charge of £30 including postage. Please contact the BARTG treasurer for further details. This contest
is round two of the Single Operator Championship.

Any contestant may claim the BARTG Quarter Century Award or any of the BARTG Continental
awards from contacts made in our contests. Holders of existing awards may add new countries to
their records. A copy of your contest log together with the award claim should be sent to the BARTG
awards manager. Details of all our awards and contests can be found on the BARTG website at:

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