Update CW Decoder 3.81 (Ham)

  • Decode Morse code from a radio
    • 5 to 50 wpm
    • Scrollable text window, save to a file
      • Variable text display sizes, upper/lower case
    • Variable character spacing
    • Variable speed selection, helps in reducing noise
    • Spectrum display, waterfall display, timeline display
    • Variable noise thresholds, noise blanking threshold
    • Automatic frequency control (AFC)


  • Transmit Morse code, keyboard input
    • 5 to 50 wpm
    • Key the transmitter via computer serial (com) port
    • Synchronize to receive speed
    • 10 memories, store/recall
    • Download from a text file
    • Various transmit modes
      • Interactive (immediate)
      • Block transfer (send typed screen)
    • Functions keys perform transmit functions

Keep hands on the keyboard, mouse free transmit/receive operation



Besturingssystemen:   Windows XP tot en met Windows 10
Website:  http://www.hotamateurprograms.com/
Download:  http://www.hotamateurprograms.com/Vista%20Installs/cw%20decoder.exe
Licentietype:   Freeware

Programs that are now Windows7/Vista / 8 / 10 compatible must have the previous versions de-installed (use the Start->Control Panel->Add/remove programs). The new installer will not remove the previous installation and programs may not execute properly if the previous version is not de-installed!

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