IARU HF World Championship 2022

Dates: The second full weekend of July (July 9-10, 2022).

Contest Period: Begins 1200 UTC Saturday and runs through 1159 UTC Sunday. Both Single and Multioperator stations may operate the entire 24-hour period.

Log Deadline: Upload your log at contest-log-submission.arrl.org no later than FIVE (5) days after the
contest is over at 1159 UTC. Paper log forms are available at the IARU HF Championship web page.

Bands and Modes: Use only the 1.8, 3.5, 7, 14, 21, and 28 MHz bands. Both phone and CW may be
used. Contact stations only once per band and mode.

Categories: Single Operator and Single Operator Unlimited stations in any power category can also enter
as Mixed-Mode, CW-Only, or Phone-Only. Multioperator stations may only enter as Mixed-Mode. See
the Special Rules and Entry Categories sections for details.

Contacts: All stations may contact any other station. Stations may be contacted once per band on each

Exchange: All stations send a signal report and ITU zone. Headquarters stations operated by an IARU
National Society send the abbreviation for their society instead of zone. (i.e. W1AW sends ARRL)
Stations operated by the IARU Administrative Council and the three IARU regional Executive committees
send “AC,” “R1,” ”R2,” and “R3” as appropriate. A link to the ITU zone maps and a table defining the
borders of US and Canadian zones are provided below

Scoring: The QSO point value of a contact depends on the location of the station — see the special
scoring rules for complete information. To calculate your final score, multiply the total QSO points by
the number of ITU zones and official IARU stations as described in the Special Rules.

Feedback about the contest:
Send us your stories and photos! Tell us what fun you had, how you did, and what challenges you faced
at the ARRL Contest Program’s “Soapbox” page.

Additional Resources:
ITU Zone Map from EI8IC
All contest queries should be directed to contests@arrl.org or 860-594-0232

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