KCJ Contest [CW | 160,80,40,20,15,10+)

KCJ Contest Rules

1. Name of Contest: The 43rd KCJ Contest.

2. Period: Starts 1200 UTC August 13, 2022. Ends 1200 UTC August 14, 2022.

3. Categories and codes:
Participants in Japan (JA): CP: Single Operator Multi-band QRP
CA: Single Operator Multi-band
C**: Single Operator Single-band (ex. C18 for 1.8MHz)
CM: Multi Operator
Participants in overseas DX: Multi-band
All participants SWL: Multi-band
CL: Check Log
Any kind of assistance for station operations for a category of Single Operator is
prohibited. However, you may use “QSO finding assistance” such as, but not
limited to, DX cluster, CW skimmer, Reverse Beacon Network and so on.
A QRP station must run the output power of five (5) watts or lower.

4. Bands: 1.8 through 50MHz, except 3.8 MHz band and WARC ones.
Suggested frequencies:
1801-1825 kHz, 3510-3530 kHz, 7010-7040 kHz, 14050-14080 kHz,
21050-21080 kHz, 28050-28080 kHz, 50.050-50.090 MHz
There is no limitation in frequency range indicated above on 1.8 MHz band
for the stations overseas.
On the other hand, JA stations are limited to be on 1801-1820 kHz
and they are allowed to get on 1820-1825 kHz only if they call DX stations.

5. Mode: CW.

6. Exchange:
JA: RST plus Prefecture/district code (e.g., 599 TK)
DX: RST plus CQ Zone number (e.g., 599 03)

7. Point: All logs will be collated with each other and each complete contact on each band
counts points as follows.
For JA: one (1) point for a contact with JA, two (2) points with DX
For DX: two (2) points for a contact with JA, one (1) point with others.
When logs of other stations you contacted are not submitted, those contacts do not

8. Multipliers For JA: Each prefecture/district and CQ Zone worked on each band
For DX: Each prefecture/district in JA worked on each band

9. Scoring: Multiplying total points by total multipliers

10. Log instructions:
Cabrillo file format or JARL file format are recommended.
a. Each entry must be accompanied by summary sheet showing all scoring
information, name and street-address of a participant.
b. A QSO data should contain date, time, band, call sign and exchanges both sent and
c. JA must log the time of all QSO in JST and DX does it in UTC.
d. Output power must be described in the log of the category QRP.
e. Names of all operators must be described in the log of the category Multi Operator.

11. Log submission:
a. Web upload of logs is available at https://kcj-cw.com/e_index.htm
b. Logs in Cabrillo format may be submitted directly to e-mail address described
Be sure to put your call sign in the subject line of your e-mail.
2022kcjtest(a)kcj-cw.com (a) must be replaced with @.
c. Paper logs may be mailed to
Takayuki Nakamura, #904, 4-6-5 Nyoidani Minoh-City Osaka, 562-0011, Japan

12. Log Deadline: 1500 UTC August 29, 2022 for all logs.

13. Releasing Results: Results will be sent by e-mail to the station that submitted the log with his/her
e-mail address.
The preliminary ranking will be sent in mid-September, and the finalized result will
be sent on October 1, and will be announced at the same time in the KCJ newsletter
and KCJ Website.
Please download a confirmed result, a newsletter, a certificate (winners only),
a participation certificate, and an award KCJCA at acquisition URL in the e-mail on
October 1.
If you do not receive the email after the due date, please contact us at the contact address

14. Awards: Certificates will be awarded to several high rank entrants and the top in each
prefecture/district for JA and the top of each entity.
The number of the stations to be awarded depends on the number of participants.
Award for SWL follows the same policy.

15. Certificate of participation: KCJ proves the participation of entrants in KCJ Contest with
the certificate on which your call sign, name, score and rank appear.

16. KCJCA: KCJ issues the award KCJCA (Keymen’s Club of Japan Contest Award) for the
achievement of working many Japanese prefectures/districts.

17. Prohibition: Two or more simultaneous signals for a single operator
Two or more operation positions for multi operator
Two or more signals on a band for multi operator

18. Disqualification: Participants are expected to follow laws of each country and
the KCJ Contest rules. KCJ contest committee makes the final decision to disqualify
a violator.

19. Appeal: If you have any objections to the preliminary results, please submit it with specific evidences
to the contact address below within five days of arrival.
43kcj-qstn(@)kcj-cw.com (replace(a)with @)

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