Update DXLog.net 2.5.35 (HAM)

DXLog.net – contest logging software

Welcome to the home of DXLog.net, ham radio contest logging software by 9A5K.

This software and service was adopted and sponsored by K1LZ and you might experience some issues during the adoption until fits its new home.

Note: As of Apr-11-2019 the support email reflector is moved from Mailman to groups.io

News: This software is now free of charge, donated to the ham radio community by Krassy K1LZ and a few other guys donating their time and effort.

License keys can be generated by following the link below. Should you run into issues generating it, please contact Paul Young, K1XM.



– Update SCP file. (SM7IUN, K6TU)
– Update IN7NEQP database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Update ICWC MST database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Update AM-Testen. (SM7IUN)
– Update AP Sprint. (SM7IUN)
– Update RSGB UKAC including warning file. (SM7IUN, TNX G4CLA)
– Show per-radio band in Summary, Check call, and Check multipliers windows. (K1XM, TNX CT1ILT)
– Update CWT database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Update K1USN SST database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Update Rheinland-Pfalz Aktivitätsabend and database. (SM7IUN, TNX DK8ZZ)
– Completely rewrite 7QP. (SM7IUN, TNX N2NT)
– Update INQP and NEWEQP. (SM7IUN)
– Update Czech activity contest. (SM7IUN, TNX OK1DSZ)
– Create separate contest category “NA QSO PARTY”. (SM7IUN)
– Update EU V/U/SHF. (SM7IUN)
– Update IARU HF Championship with 2022 rules. (SM7IUN)
– Add Delaware, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, and Hawaii QSO Party. (SM7IUN)
– Update CPQP database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Update BCC QP. (SM7IUN)
– Update AGB, AGCW, FOC, and DIG databases. (SM7IUN)
– Disable default band change rules in a lot of NA QSO parties. (SM7IUN)
– Add Minnesota QSO Party (NB. Separate definitions for MS and non-MS stations). (SM7IUN)
– Update call validation check. (SM7IUN)
– Add New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma QSO Party. (SM7IUN)
– Add Iowa, Loiusiana, Vermont, and West Virginia QSO Party. (SM7IUN)
– Update NAQP. (SM7IUN)
– Make BC multiplier count for BC stations in BCQP. (SM7IUN)
– Add Montana QSO Party. (SM7IUN)
– Fix multipliers and band change rules in PACC. (SM7IUN)
– Update SAC. (SM7IUN)
– Update SACW. (SM7IUN)
– Fix band change rules in All Asian. (SM7IUN)
– Clean up entry validation etc. in BSCC. (SM7IUN)
– Fix scoring in LZ DX. (SM7IUN)
– Add warning about IQSSL being enabled to standard messages panel. (SM7IUN)
– Change some menu texts for clarity and consistency. (SM7IUN)
– Allow working stations with special event callsigns not included in CTY database. (SM7IUN)
– Update Aegean RTTY. (SM7IUN)
– Change “ESM mode: Change focus on $LOGGEDCALL” to “Focus recevied exchange after sending exchange in Run”. (SM7IUN, TNX SE5E)
– Update CCF Joulusprint. (SM7IUN)
– Update Balkan HF. (SM7IUN)
– Update EA PSK, EA RTTY, King of Spain, and Concursia Nacional CW/Fonia plus EA province database. (SM7IUN)
– Update NAQP and NAQP RTTY for stations outside NA. (SM7IUN)
– Update HSC Contest. (SM7IUN)
– Make $CQ always send Run F1 message. (SM7IUN)
– Update HA3NS Memorial. (SM7IUN)
– Update IOTA database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Update FOC and HSC member databases. (SM7IUN)
– Update CTY files. (SM7IUN)
– Update DTC. (SM7IUN)
– Update AOEC 160m. (SM7IUN)
– Update ARI DX. (SM7IUN)
– Add 13 Colonies Special Event. (SM7IUN)
– Update ARRL FD. (SM7IUN)
– Update OK-OM DX CW and SSB with exceptional rules for 2022. (SM7IUN)
– Update CQ-M. (SM7IUN)
– Update WW Green Party. (SM7IUN, TNX LZ2HT)



Besturingssystemen:  Alle Windows met Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.0.
Website:  http://dxlog.net/
Download:  http://dxlog.net/sw/files/DXLog.net-2.5.35.msi
Licentietype:  Freeware
Licentiekey: http://dxlog.net/registration/
Bron: http://dxlog.net/


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