Update DXLog.net 2.5.29 (HAM)

DXLog.net – contest logging software

Welcome to the home of DXLog.net, ham radio contest logging software by 9A5K.

This software and service was adopted and sponsored by K1LZ and you might experience some issues during the adoption until fits its new home.

Note: As of Apr-11-2019 the support email reflector is moved from Mailman to groups.io

News: This software is now free of charge, donated to the ham radio community by Krassy K1LZ and a few other guys donating their time and effort.

License keys can be generated by following the link below. Should you run into issues generating it, please contact Paul Young, K1XM.



– Update CWT database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Update ARRL RTTY database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Add Cimrman´s Clandestine Contest including warning file. (SM7IUN)
– Update Old New Year Contest. (SM7IUN)
– Update AGB Party. (SM7IUN)
– Make links in the text panel of DXLog.net.DXC clickable. (SM7IUN)
– Fix a Winkey bug. (K1XM)
– Fix an auto send bug. (SM7IUN, TNX OK1FIK)
– Fix problems with buttons on RTTY windows. (K1XM)
– Remove obsolete menu option “Add spacing when stacking messages”. (SM7IUN)
– Remove obsolete menu option “Don’t prefill exchange when clicking spot in ESM mode”. (SM7IUN)
– Add warning file to RSGB AFS. (G4IRN)
– Update some menu wordings. (SM7IUN)
– Show stations near the low frequency end of the bandmap. (K1XM, TNX SM7IUN)
– Remove DOK export for Logger32 since Logger32 is not ADIF compliant. (SM7IUN, TNX DL5XJ)
– Show more frequencies when bandmap is zoomed in. (K1XM)
– Fix crash after switching to separate RST and exchange. (K1XM, TNX SM7IUN)
– Make $POWER follow CW abbreviation settings. (SM7IUN, TNX PY4XX)
– Update HA DX including database. (SM7IUN, TNX HA2NA)
– Update NAQP database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Replace all use of obsolete macro $SPACEBAR with $SPACE. (SM7IUN)
– Replace all use of obsolete macro $INS with $INSERT. (SM7IUN)
– Add option to show information about spotted station in bandmap. (K1XM, TNX I2WIJ)
– Update names of Volga and Moscow Championships. (SM7IUN)
– Allow DNS name as address for TCP connectons. (K1XM, TNX DH1TW)
– Add Asiatic Russia Championship. (SM7IUN, TNX R4WW)
– Update AGB Party Contest. (SM7IUN)
– Implement TCP support for microHAM, WinKey, and OTRSP. (K1XM, TNX DH1TW)
– Update K1USN SST database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Add alert about contest periods in Contest configuration panel. (SM7IUN)
– Make heights of information in QSO entry lines the same. (K1XM, TNX SM7IUN)
– Make File->Update contest also update points and prefill regex files. (SM7IUN)
– Update SAMOVAR. (SM7IUN)
– Fix issue with spot quality tag for local spots. (SM7IUN)
– Fix issue with persistence of spot quality display in bandmap. (SM7IUN)
– Add user name and password to TCP radio communications. (K1XM, TNX CT1ILT)
– Add a new driver for TS-890S with support for KNS connection over LAN. The old driver is still available. (SM7IUN, TNX CT1ILT)
– Add zero padding arguments to $SERIAL and $SERIALNOAB so that e.g., $SERIAL(3) always sends three or more digits. (SM7IUN)
– Update all local LZ contests. (SM7IUN)
– Remove obsolete contest LZ Open. (SM7IUN)
– Update ARI 80/40 Contest. (SM7IUN)
– Remove obsolete contest 21 Decembar. (SM7IUN)
– Correctly recognize DXSpider Mojo quality tags. (SM7IUN)
– Fix problems where the wrong QSO is saved. (K1XM, TNX ES2RR)
– Fix issue with parsing spots from DXSpider Mojo cluster nodes. (SM7IUN)
– Make period column in NRRL Vintertest visible. (SM7IUN)
– Fix several issues with points/multiplier breakdown in live score reporting. (SM7IUN)
– Update PACC database. (SM7IUN, TNX DL5JQ)
– Fix problem with PSK spots being ignored. (SM7IUN, TNX G4PIQ)
– Correct casing/spelling of category modes in several contests. (SM7IUN)
– Update Arktika Digital Cup. (SM7IUN)
– Update NTC QSO Party database. (SM7IUN, TNX PA3HEN)
– Add HQ to list of valid multiplier types for live score. (SM7IUN)
– Update Eurasia Contest. (SM7IUN)
– Update links in IOTA and SL-Testen. (SM7IUN)
– Update Winter Field Day with 2022 rules and add database. (SM7IUN)
– Update Кубок России на КВ. (SM7IUN)
– Make LIVESCORE_MULT always creates a lowercase multiplier name in the XML upload message. (SM7IUN)
– Add LIVESCORE_MULT to a number of contests with gridsquare multipliers. (SM7IUN)
– Update SSA MT and SSA Jultest. (SM7IUN)
– Change default formatting of Cabrillo key NR from {F=R,3,0,4} to more standard compliant {F=R,3,0,6}. (SM7IUN)
– Update RSGB AFS data. (SM7IUN)
– Don’t select the entire callsign when switching back to the main window. (K1XM, TNX LZ5DB)
– Update NCCC Sprint. (SM7IUN)



Besturingssystemen:  Alle Windows met Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.0.
Website:  http://dxlog.net/
Download:  http://dxlog.net/sw/files/DXLog.net-2.5.29.msi
Licentietype:  Freeware
Licentiekey: http://dxlog.net/registration/
Bron: http://dxlog.net/


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