Update EMDB 5.02

EMDB is een applicatie om je verzameling films en tv-series bij te houden. Zowel fysieke schijven als mediabestanden worden volledig ondersteund. Met een automatische import uit de database van IMDB, exporteren naar csv, tekst of HTML, voorbeeldweergave van miniaturen, een uitleenvolger, geavanceerde zoek- en filterfuncties en meertalige gebruikersinterface. 



  • User interface: Added Collections filter
  • System: Improved startup without internet connection.
  • User interface: custom colors of list view were broken.
  • EAN UPC import: fixed serveral issues with EAN / UPC code lookup.
  • User interface: Mirroring the backdrop was not saved.
  • User interface: Fixed displaying full DVD inserts as thumbnail.
  • User interface: Fixed displaying & character in list view.
  • User interface: selection was sometimes invisiable after sorting.
  • User interface: fixed displaying of container column in listview.
  • User interface: Fixed displaying loan data in details panel.
  • User interface: Deleting a movie showed an empty space even if show empty spaces was disabled.
  • User interface: Custom numbering always showed #1 in list view.
  • Print: Printing a selection could result in extra empty pages.
  • User interface: check for updates did not properly detect hotfixes.
  • User interface: Pasting one or movies with Ctrl-V after cut with Ctrl-X doesn’t add ‘Copy of’ as the original is not there anymore.
  • Database: when merging databases collections, collection artwork and backdrops are now also merged.
  • User interface: Added Version to the possible columns to show in the list view.
  • Translations: Updated the Czech, German, Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.


Besturing: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Download:  http://www.emdb.eu/downloads.html
Website:    https://www.emdb.eu/index.html
Licentie:  Freeware en Betalend
Schermafbeelding: http://www.emdb.eu/screenshots.html

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