Update HandBrake 1.6.1

Dit opensourceprogramma, dat beschikbaar is voor Windows, Linux en macOS, kan filmmateriaal omzetten naar bestanden met onder meer een h.264-, h265- of mpeg4-beeldindeling en een aac-, ac3-, mp3- of Ogg Vorbis-geluidsindeling.




  • Fixed a potential decoder issue that could cause desync with audio (#4788#4789)

Command line interface

  • Fixed inability to name external subtitles tracks using –subname


  • Fixed behavior of quality slider when changing encoders


  • Fixed translations missing updates as part of 1.6.0 (#4790)
    • Bulgarian (Български)
    • Corsican (Corsu)
    • Dutch (Nederlands)
    • German (Deutsch)
    • Spanish (Español)
  • Fixed (partially) Intel QSV hardware detection (#4768)
  • Fixed a potential crash when canceling an Intel QSV encode (#4341)
  • Fixed building with -Werror=format-security by adding missing format strings where needed


  • Fixed quality slider not allowing negative values for encoders supporting them
  • Fixed issues upgrading presets from older versions (#4820)
  • Fixed a potential graphical interface hang when stopping the queue (#4782)
  • Fixed optical disc drives on the source selection pane not scanning correctly (#4771)
  • Fixed erroneous display of 2-pass check box for Intel QSV AV1 encoder (not yet supported) (#4777)
  • Fixed a build configuration issue that broke version 1.6.0 for Windows on arm64
  • Fixed an issue that prevented NVDEC from being available
  • Fixed passthru audio erroneously falling back to encoding (#4795)
  • Fixed the Save New Preset button incorrectly overwriting recently added presets (#4804)


Besturingsystemen:  Windows 10, Windows 11, Linux, macOS
Website:   https://handbrake.fr/
Download: https://handbrake.fr/downloads.php
Licentie:  Freeware
Schermafbeelding:  Foto eigen schermafdruk

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