Update MM Hamsoftware (zendamateurs)

All MM programs have been tested and work with Windows 8 !


MMTTY 1.68A : http://hamsoft.ca/media/Dload/mmtty/MMTTY168A.exe   UPDATE


– Fixed RX level inconsistency
– Fixed context-sensitive help problem




MMSSTV 1.13A :   http://hamsoft.ca/media/Dload/mmsstv/MMSSTV113A.exe   UPDATE

– Fixed the sound card selection problem
– Fixed minor glitches and improved several functions




MMVARI 0.45 : http://hamsoft.ca/media/Dload/mmvari/MMVARI045.exe   UPDATE

– Added mfsk4, mfsk8, mfsk32, mfsk64, mfsk11, and mfsk22 modes
– Improved the decoder of the qpsk mode
– Added an option that restores the subchannel window status on a start up
– Enhanced macro
– Applied minor updates



Besturingssystemen:  Windows
Website:   http://hamsoft.ca/
Licentietype:  Freeware

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