Update VarAC 6.6.13 (HAM)

VarAC. HF/FM Digital Chat Reinvented.

VarAC is a FREE, modern HF P2P real-time chatting application for the amateur radio operator that leverages the glorious VARA protocol.

Calling QRGs (USB dial)

20m – 14.105 MHz (Primary – day time)

40m – 7.105 MHz (Primary – night time)

80m – 3.595 MHz
30m – 10.133 MHz
17m – 18.106 MHz
15m – 21.105 MHz
12m – 24.927 MHz
10m – 28.105 MHz
6m – 50.330 MHz

VarAC main features

  • Call CQ using the VARA protocol
  • See if your partner is currently typing
  • Having fun while chatting with sounds & emojis
  • Supporting CAT command, RTS/DTS & OmniRig
  • Supporting two VARA modems
  • Type as many messages as you’d like
  • For best QSO performance monitoring
  • Set preconfigured welcome & away messages
  • Create predefined messages (RIG, Info…)
  • Select your desired QSO bandwidth
  • Let other people know you are standing by
  • No more typos. Spell check as you type
  • Supporting binary files, text, Images and more
  • Move QSO up or down with a single mouse click
  • Supporting ADIF format
  • Chose the colors/fonts you like. Use dark mode.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  VarAC requires VARA-HF V4.6.4 or higher



New features

  • Last heard Beacons/CQ time shown as absolute or time diff from UTC

  • FLRig support (Now you can also operate your Rig remotely with VarAC)

  • Multilingual broadcasts

  • Incoming Broadcasts SNRs (requires VARA 4.7.2)

  • PSKReporter uploads of Broadcasts (requires VARA 4.7.2)

  • Verbose SNR – send SNR during a QSO every 1 minutes for propagation tests.

  • Block <INFO> requests – if you don’t want your data to be retrieved automatically

  • Limiting Ping time to 60 seconds on the CF



  • Right click a beacon –> connect

  • Last heard is now stored in the SQLite DB.

  • Ignoring received CQ calls without a Slot ID (unless “skip CQ slot selector” is enabled)

  • Clear indication on the VARA command box of CQFRAME that are Beacons (with SSID -9)

  • Narration queue – if there are many things to narrate, VarAC will narrate one by one and not together

  • 5 additional frequency scheduler timers

  • Under SNR graph – copy SNR data to clipboard & adding QSO start time at the graph header

  • PSK Self reporting will only happen after 60 seconds from the last frequency dropdown change.

  • Right Click->Copy all, on all sections in the “callsign history” screen.

  • VarAC.ini file is now created upon first VarAC run. No INI file will be distributed from now on in install packages.

  • Detecting a VarAC.exe run directly from the ZIP package file and alerting the user.

  • Safety mechanism for stuck PTT: Auto turning PTT off every minute while in in active transmission

  • New <LOCR> tag – to pull your QSO partner grid locator


Bug fixes

  • Type in LHR tag in the gestures screen

  • Vmails times were not shown in UTC time.

  • VaraFM – connecting through digipeater removed spaces from the connect callsign textbox

  • VaraFM – Your own CQ echoed through a digipeater will not be decoded by you.

  • VaraFM – not decoding same broadcast over and over again is echoed through a digipeater

  • VaraFM – right click a callsign on last heard list & broadcast reply – did not populate well the digipeater

  • VaraFM – right click on beacon -> Ping – failed.

  • the “skip CQ slot selector” checkbox under settings was not loaded properly to screen showing always “checked”

  • Clean VARA buffer popup appear many times during a QSO when VarAC tries to clean the VARA buffer

  • Disabling narration under “Linux compatible mode” to avoid errors as narrations are not supported on Wine

  • Decoding now frequencies as bands 23cm and 13cm

  • When using multiple screens – sometimes VarAC does not reload on the last position it was at.

  • Removing maximize option from inbox screen

  • On VarAC cluster (Multi-instances) now also refreshing the relay notification counter.


Besturingssystemen: Alle Windows
Website: https://www.varac-hamradio.com/
Download:  https://www.varac-hamradio.com/download 
Licentietype:  Freeware
Nederlandse handleiding van ON2AD:  International manuals (non English) by VarAC community | VarAC (varac-hamradio.com)


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