Update BBlogger (Ham)

BBLogger © is a software created by Radio Amateurs for Radio Amateurs and SWL. It is fully FREE and it can be downloaded and shared with other Radio Amateurs freely. No one is authorized to ask money or some other fee for the granting of this software.

The program and the databases are anyway property of the Authors and of the ARI Section of Busto Arsizioand cannot be modified in any way without written permission of the Authors. The Callbooks working with BBLogger are additional elements, property of respective Authors and can be acquired with the modalities established by their Authors. They are NOT distributed by the ARI Section of Busto Asizio.

The Authors provide this software as it is, without formal or tacit warranties of abearance, and cannot be considered responsible for inconveniences like malfunctions, lost of data, or any other problem related to the use of this software or assumed to be. The program has been tested longtime, please read the introduction, anyway, like all the softwares, could give some problems or bugs.

The users not italian speakers can report those problems to info@aribusto.it . Italian speakers should use the Newsgroup. Users can propose changes or improuvings to the software. The Authors will try, if possible, to satisfy the reasonable claims. Since this software is absolutely FREE there are NOT hot-line or other answering services for technical questions.

Users have to know that any report will be evaluated and considered, even if they won’t receive a direct answer to their questions. We thank all the people who collaborated to this project in the past, in the present and in the future, first of all Paolo IK3QAR who allowed us to implement the on-line Manager search to his web site and Andrea IK2XDE who montly provides us of the internal Manager database. Many thanks also to Alex VE3NEA whose software Omnirig is implemented in BBLCAT since the version of BBLogger.

WARNING: BBLogger runs only with .Net Framework 4.8 or newer. Minimum hardware setup: CPU Pentium II with at least 256 MB RAM;

O.S. Windows  7 / 8 / 10 / 11 . Hard Disk occupation: software: 100 MB, Callbook Worldcall by IK1MTT (optional): 600 MB, Callbook Radamato by I0SSH (optional): 15 MB.

Non – I speakers should download the Help file in english and unzip the archive into the Help sub-folder. Setup contains both Italian and English Help. Setting the language automatically sets the correct Help. From the Software, the Help is available with F1 key. Please notice that once installated the Software starts in English. Users can change the language from the menu Configuration/Maintenance > Utility. Available languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.






Besturingssystemen:  Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
Website: http://www.aribusto.it/bblogger.htm
Download Full Setup: http://www.aribusto.it/BBLSetup/BBLoggerSetupFull.zip
Download Update:  http://www.aribusto.it/BBL/Update1058.zip
Licentietype:  Freeware

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