DA0DFF, Hallig Hodge, IOTA EU-042

A team consisting of Mich – OE7MPI, Monika – OE7MPN, Stefan – DJ7AO / OE7TIR, Andre – DL6HBQ and Martina – DD0HO, will be QRV from September 20 to 26 from Hallig Hodge, EU-042 in HF and QO-100.

On September 23, Evi – OE7EVI, Herbert – OE7GHJ, Hans – DJ7RK, Walter – DL6HCX, Holger – DL9HDA, Dieter – DK3KH and Hans – DD2GZ, will arrive in Hallig Hooge. This second team will have a different location and build a second HF station.

Once again, a great event with members of the DARC Ortsverband E09 and the ÖVSV Ortsstelle ADL 707.

Qsl via DARC buro.

Op mijn twitteraccount geplaatst door EA1CS

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