Update EasyPal Install 07-OCT-2014 Digital SSTV (zendamateurs)

EasyPal Full is the work of Erik VK4AES.  Do not bother him with emails about the program.  If you need help, someone on the DIGSSTV newsgroup may be able to help you.  Be sure to include the version number in any report of a problem.  Also keep up to date and use the latest version.

This software uses the DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) encoding to allow the sending of image files over an HF voice channel.  This is known as Digital SSTV.

The GUI was written with Delphi and compiled on a Windows Vista system. It works best when run on a two GHz or faster CPU with Windows Vista. Although less stable, it should run on most fast PC’s with Windows XP. Keep in mind that it is still in beta testing.


3.733 – 7.173 – 14.233 – 18.1625 – 21.340 – 29.550 Mhz

Help en instructie files Engels:  http://www.vk3evl.com/

Help en instructie files Nederlands: http://hsiepel.nl/easypalhelp/



  • Bug fixed
  • Enhancements




Besturingssysteem: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Website:  http://www.g0hwc.com/sstv_drm_news.html
Download:  http://www.g0hwc.com/easypal_program/EasyPal-07-OCT-2014-Setup.exe
Licentietype: Freeware

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