Marconi Memorial Contest HF CW

  • Aim: The Marconi Memorial contest HF commemorates the II Century of Radio and its father “Guglielmo Marconi”.
    It’s a World-Wide competition: everybody can work everybody, only CW.

  • Date and Time: Every First weekend of July from 14.00 UTC Saturday until 13.59 UTC Sunday.
    In 2022 it will be held on July, Saturday 2 and Sunday 3.

  • Official Website:

  • Mode: Only CW

  • Call: CQ MMC (Marconi Memorial Contest)

      SOAB  QRP  – Single Operator / All Bands / QRP (Max 5 watt)
      SOAB  LP   – Single Operator / All Bands / Low Power (Max 100 watt)
      SOAB  HP   – Single Operator / All Bands / High Power
      SOSB  BAND – Single Operator / Single band (Only High Power)
    MO         – Multi Operator  / All Bands

    ^^^ Single band entrants are required to include all contacts made during the contest period, even if on other bands. However, only contacts made on the single band, and  specified in the log upload, will be considered for scoring purposes.

    *** Multi Operator Station is to be considered only High Power. Multi Operator station must operate with ONE tx only, prohibited simultaneous emission.

  • Bands and Mode: Only CW, 10 m thru 160 m (except WARC bands) are allowed according to IARU Band Plans.

  • Exchange: RST + Serial Number.

  • QSO Points:
    – 1 (one) point per QSO.

    – Multipliers: 
    All CQWW countries count 1 (one) multiplier. The same multiplier can be counted once for band.
    – Final Score:
     The sum of QSO Points from all bands multiplied by the sum of multipliers from all bands.
    (No need to show score in your log, the evaluation software does it automatically)

  • The use of the DX-Cluster system (packet cluster, web cluster) is allowed, for all categories of participants. No self spots !

  • Log Instructions:
    The CABRILLO file format is the standard for logs;
    – Files must be named: YOURCALL.LOG or YOURCALL.CBR
    – Files should be sent as normal attachment to:
    – The entries must be submitted within 14 days of the end of the contest.

       – Accepted by email log in PDF, other file formats (XLS, CSV, TXT, ADIF) may be acceptable .

  • Ranking and Awards: Winners of each category will be awarded by a certificate sent to snail mail address. As usual, all participants will be awarded by an online certificate, PDF printable.

  • Penalties and disqualifications : will be applied at the discrection of Contest Committee in case of violation of the contest rules or bad ham spirit. Each decision of the Contest Committee will be final. Excessive unverifiable QSOs will be deemed sufficient cause for disqualification. All logs will be checked by a powerful custom software. Will be removed with no additional penalty contacts with call sign errors, contacts with an incorrectly received exchange.

  • Other: will be constantly updated with all news. Any request to

The most common loggers support the contest. However, any software capable of producing standard cabrillo is suited.
Consider that:
– No need to show score in your log, the evaluation software does it automatically.
– No need to indicate the category in your log, it will be chosen during the Web Upload.
Available (Thanks to the Team R4W) and

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