Russian WW PSK Contest [PSK | 160,80,40,20,15,10]

Date and Time:
21st contest: 12:00 UTC 18.02.2023 – 11:59 UTC 19.02.2023

Modes and samples of signals:

The output power should not exceed 10 watts on 160 meters and 100 watts on other bands.Only one signal is allowed at any one time.

Contest participants are allowed to work on 160 meters (1.8 MHz), 80 meters (3.5 MHz), 40 meters (7 MHz), 20 meters (14 MHz), 15 meters (21 MHz) and 10 meters (28 MHz).
RDRC recommends the following frequencies MHz: 1.840 – 1.843, 3.580 – 3.600, 7.040 – 7.050, 14.070 – 14.090, 21.070 – 21.090, 28.070- 28.090.

Categories (subgroup):
• MOAB – MULTI-ONE – Multi-Operator, Single Transmitter, All Bands – Club stations and SES stations:
   – World – only continents, all the countries except for Russia,
   – European Russia,
   – Asiatic Russia;
• SOAB – SINGLE-OP ALL – Single-Operator, All Bands:
   – World – only continents, all the countries except for Russia,
   – European Russia,
   – Asiatic Russia;
   – World – only continents, all the countries except for Russia,
   – European Russia,
   – Asiatic Russia;

Note: The participants can be declared only one subgroup. Participants can work on all bands and be declared at the choice either in SOAB, or in one of one-band subgroups SOSB. At declared in SOSB the judicial program does not check quantity change the bands.

Note MOAB: 2nd – 10th operators with their personal or SWL callsigns can form a team. Personal callsigns should be necessarily specified. Each participant younger than 20 years in subgroup MOAB will be awarded a certificate for participation in the contest.

Note to air monitoring: Observers and participants of the contest can assist the Contest Committee in terms of monitoring and recording of air possible violations. 

Number Exchange:

Participants from Russia, and also the foreign radioamateurs who are being in territory of Russia, should send RS,RST(Q) plus 2-letter abbreviation of Russian Area (oblast) Code (example for Moscow region – 599 MA). The list of Russia areas and their symbols look in the appendix on this page (in the end of the text of rules position). Participants from other countries and territories of the world (except for Russia), should send RS,RST(Q) plus QSO number, starting 001 (example – 599 001). The numeration on bands is current.General call – “CQ RUSTEST”.

The repeated contacts are permitted on different bands and different modes providing that a contact will be made not earlier than in 3 minutes. The contact with correspondent who has not sent the report can be accepted if the callsign of the correspondent can be met not less than in three different reports.

Each contact between stations on 20, 15 and 10 m is worth:
– inside the country – 1 point;
– with other country – 3 points;
– with other continents – 5 points.
The points on 160, 80 and 40 m are doubled.

The multiplier are the countries according to the list of DXCC and Russian areas on each band.

The final score is the result of the total points multiplied by the sum of multipliers.

Prizes and Awards:
Gallery of prizes and certificates:


Full Rules:  RDRC – Welcome to RUS-WW-PSK: Rules 2023 (

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