Update Swisslog 5.103 (Ham)

SWISSLOG for Windows is a sophisticated logging program for Amateur Radio.
The most important SWISSLOG functions are:

* Add, Edit and Delete QSO’s

* Display detailed information about the QSO-Partner

* View and Print Logbook with powerful filtering functions on every field: autofilters, customizable filters, field grouping.

* Dual monitor support: you can place the following functions in a standalone window for another monitor: add QSO, logbook views, Register QSL cards, K1EL WinKeyer, Dx-message windows, band maps and world map.

* Import and Export of QSO’s. Swisslog fulfills the ADIF v3.0.8 specifications.

* Manage many Awards: DXCC, IOTA, WAS, WAE, WAZ, WPX, SOTA, WCA, WFF, JA Prefectures, US Counties, DOK, RDA, TEN-TEN, ARLHS and many more!

* Fully integrated LOTW automatic and manual synchronisation!. Supporting configuration for multiple certificates and station locations! TQSL 2.0 or higher needed. Just 2 clicks and Swisslog will do all the job!

* Fully integrated eQSL automatic and manual synchronisation!. Supporting configuration for multiple callsigns and QTHs! Fully detailed error report after synchronisation to correct logging errors or wrong QSL requests! Just 2 clicks and Swisslog will do all the job!

* Instant display of eQSL cards and QRZ/QRZCQ profile images! (Internet connection and QRZ/QRZCQ subscription required). Image viewer fully resizable with no loss of quality! Print/Save buttons available!

* Realtime logging to most important online logs: QRZ, Club Log, eQSL, HAMLOG, HAMQTH and HRDLOG. Multiple callsign configuration for eQSL, HAMLOG and QRZ! Add/Delete QSO in realtime and also realtime edition in HAMQTH, HRDLOG and ClubLog!

* Upload your full/partial logbook to Club Log, HAMLOG, HAMQTH (only full), HRDLOG and QRZ with few clicks!.

* Special logos panel indicating if the station is member of:

– LoTW, eQSL AG user (also eQSL regular member)

– the following club / association membership: 30MDG, AGCW, BCA, BDM, CWOPS, DIG, DMC, EA QRP Club, EPC, FISTS, FOC, HSC, Lynx DX Group, MF, NDG, RCA, REF, SKCC, TEN TEN, URE, URA and CLUB LOG and True Blue DX Club (TBDXC)!.

* You can update Lotw and eQSL AG users list and many award references through internet.  IOTA references.

* Transceiver Control (Kenwook, Yaesu, Icom, Elecraft, TRX Manager, MixW, HRD, OmniRig, DX Lab Commander,FLRIG and TCI!)

* One click ultra fast transceiver switching in dual transceiver configurations (using OmniRig as transceiver control)

* Rotor-Control (ARS-USB interface and ARS-VCOM software from EA4TX, Hy-Gain, Yaesu, Sartek and PstRotator!).

* Azimuth indicator.

* Integrated Telnet and Internet Support.

* Callbook Support: local (RACB, BUCKMASTER) and Internet DBs (QRZ, HamCall, HAMQTH and QRZCQ)

* Support of QSL-Manager Databases: local DBs: (RACB and DF6EX) and Internet DBs: QRZ and IK3QAR.

* DX-Cluster Support –  Now indicating if a DX station is LoTW and/or eQSL AG user!

* Fully featured Band map function! wide zoom in/out range, custom font size for DX-Spots, band filtering (including 60m), resizable window, full spot details (including if LotW/eQSL user) when placing mouse cursor over a DX spot. With the following Swisslog exclusive functions:

– Customizable statistic selection! By default is DXCC but user can select any statistic.
– Enable/disable CAT link by means of a button
– Gradient colors for frequency ruler
– Colors customization: background, ruler gradients, ruler measures, frequency and even buttons!
– You can have as many band maps as you want with different band filters, colors and statistics!
– Even you can place every band map as standalone window for dual monitor systems!

* DX-Telnet Support – specifically for use with Internet DX Clusters

* SWISSLOG interfaces with the following digital modes programs: MixW, Hamscope, TrueTTY, FLDIGI, MultiPSK, WSJT-X, JTDX, JT65-HF HB9HQX Edition, SIMPSK and Digital Master 780!

* SWISSLOG links with the following CW programs/interfaces: CW-Type, CW Get, CW Skimmer and  K1EL WinKeyer!

* World map.

* Propagation Prediction

* Print and Display Reports (Awards, Statistics, etc.)

* Extensive User Defined Layouts for Reports, QSL-Cards, QSL-Labels, Statistics

* Pivot-Tables

* Save and Restore Logbooks

* Save and Restore customizable program desktop

* Customizable colors for program desktop and windows

* Merge Databases

* Schedule Control

* Round-Table Support

* Uses ACCESS database to store the QSO’s

* User Definable Logbook Queries like ACCESS


The new full version contains all components needed for a new installation or updates Swisslog if you have already installed version 5.2 or higher. It also includes the documentation and help in English, Spanish, German and French as well as other components that previously were needed to download them separately (background world map images, some reports and QSL formats and audio files for the DX-Cluster sound announcements)

After setup go to HELP > ABOUT… > REGISTER. Type your callsign and press “Add registration”.

WINDOWS VISTA / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 USERS: It’s absolutely mandatory that you run the Swisslog setup with administrator rights in Windows Vista or higher otherwise Swisslog won’t work properly. Click the right mouse button over the setup file and choose “Run as administrator”. It’s also advisable to disable User Account Control (UAC) from the Windows control panel. The setup program will remind you all this information when you start the installation, just if you have forgotten to perform this operations previously.

In order to keep your Swisslog logbook sincronised with Logbook of the World you need to install the Trusted QSL software.



  • IMPORTANT for PSTROTATOR USERSDue to an optimization of the code, you will have to configure again all bands handled by every instance of PstRotator in Options > Rotor interface > Rotor 1 to 4.

  • NEW: S-Meter & Power Meter function in the View menu. Fully resizeable and customizable. Mouse right click then select “Colors”. You can create very nice S-Meters, it all depends on your imagination. This window can also be set as standalone. Currently supported:

    • S-Meter: DX Lab Commander, FLRIG, Ham Radio de Luxe, ICOM, Kenwood/Elecraft, TCI, TRX Manager and Yaesu FT-450, FT-950, FT-2000 and all new Yaesu models.
    • Power Output: DX Lab Commander, Elecraft K2 and K3, Flex Radio TCP CAT option, FLRIG, Ham Radio de Luxe, ICOM models sending this info such as IC-746Pro, IC-756Pro3, IC-7000, IC-7300, IC-7600, IC-7800, IC-7850 and others. Kenwood: TS-480, 590, 890, 990, 2000 and maybe other models. All new Yaesu models.

Please read the Transceiver control chapter in the Swisslog help.

  • NEW: Flex Radio 6xxxx: added the mode of operation user wants to use with Flex Radio in the transceiver toolbar:

    • A mode: DEFAULT mode. Swisslog will always follow VFO A. All tuning operations made from within Swisslog will be set on VFO A only.

    • S mode: Swisslog will always follow the active slice selected on Flex, whichever it is!. All tuning operations made from within Swisslog will be set on the active slice only.

 Click on the green letter beside the frequency in the transceiver toolbar to change mode of operation.

  • NEW: Band maps and WSJT-X band maps: added a “Default values” button in the Colors menu. This way user can restore original values.

  • NEW: Import QSO when merging data: Added Propagation mode and satellite name fields.

  • NEW: WinRotor: now user can select the full path and file name of WinRotor so that Swisslog can auto start it automatically.

  • NEW: Update awards from internet: added DMUE reference list (Diploma Museos de España).

  • NEW: Rotor interface: added EA4TX ARS-TCP option. Use this option to handle rotors using the Yaesu GS-232 protocol through TCP/IP.

  • Corrected: access violation errors when refreshing database connection/restoring desktop/compressing database/resequence QSO if DX Window was open or UDP link to WSJT-X was enabled.

  • Corrected: enabling/disabling WSJT-X UDP link sometimes didn’t work and a program restart was needed.

  • Corrected: Transceiver control – Flex 6xxxx option: enhanced IP detection and corrected some bugs. IP detection must be forced by user by pressing the “Search IP automatically” button in the transceiver control options.

  • Corrected: Transceiver control: violation access error when switching between transceivers.

  • Corrected: Transceiver control: when using several transceivers, if previous was OmniRig and next one it’s another type, Swisslog didn’t read transceiver.

  • Corrected: Transceiver control or rotor interface: Continuous error messages and program finally crashes if COM port was already open by another application.

  • Corrected: Transceiver toolbar: when using Dx Lab Commander, HRD or some Yaesu transceivers, some long modes (such as RTTY-USB, DATA-U or PSK-FM) where cut and not displayed properly. Now mode is fitted automatically in the field according to its length.

  • Improved: Transceiver control for ICOM: Setting 0 in the field “Time between two TX QRG queries in 1/10 seconds” will disable polling for QRG and mode. This is specially useful if the CI-V Transceive parameter on the radio is ON. If this parameter is OFF then set a value higher than 0 to poll radio to get this info.

  • Corrected: Logbook view – Update QSO’s with Data from Callbook Databases: Name was only changed in the Callbook table, not in the Logbook table (QSO).

  • Corrected: Club Log Logbook Upload: under Windows 11 a dialog was displayed to select the file to export.

  • Corrected: WSJT-X Log Export: under Windows 11 a dialog was displayed to select the file to export and failed to export.

  • Corrected: MixW/HamScope link: comments were copied twice.

  • Corrected: World Map: continuous violation errors when CAT control was configured but not working properly.

  • Corrected: QSO Entry – Callbook reading: if user has enabled automatic copy from Callbook databases, when editing a QSO the selected fields in the Field copy instruction were updated automatically. Now when editing a QSO data remain exactly as it was saved. If user wants to overrride data from Callbook data, needs to press the “Copy all fields” in the Callbook tab.

  • Corrected: Query DXCC to Club Log: Swisslog repeated 4-6 times this query to Club Log on every QSO specially when working linked with external programs such as WSJT-X, JTDX, FLDIGI, etc. Although this didn’t affect too much performance in Swisslog, it overloaded unnecesarily the Club Log system and could affect users having poor internet connection. Now only a single query is performed.

  • Corrected: HSC member list: changed link to download latest official list. Previous link was not updated since 2016!

  • Corrected: WALA statistic: adapted definitions to new rules: changes in the Norwegian counties and valid QSOs since 01/01/2020. User must run a script manually to correct counties. Go to Tools | For experts only | Run SQL Script, and select the Fix WALA script from the SCRIPTS folder. IMPORTANT: it may take some minutes in larger logbooks!

  • Corrected: WAIP statistic: renamed CI province to SU according the new rules. At first startup of this version Swisslog will convert automatically all CI provinces into SU.

  • Updated country table. THANK YOU VERY MUCH to Erik, EI4KF.

Besturingssystemen: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Website:   http://www.swisslogforwindows.com
Download:   http://www.swisslogforwindows.com/english/Frame_EN.htm
Licentietype:   Swisslog has been released in the public domain!

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