Maak op afstand verbinding met een computer, of die nu aan de andere kant op kantoor is of aan de andere kant van de wereld. AnyDesk zorgt voor veilige en betrouwbare externe desktopverbindingen voor zowel IT-professionals als gebruikers on-the-go.



AnyDesk 6.3.2 (Windows)

Fixed Bugs

  • Session comments did not work with license type Performance
  • Fixed automatic detection of languages Ukrainian and Lithuanian
  • The favorite button in the toolbar address field did not work
  • Some trace output got lost in case no user was logged in
  • Tagging multiple Address Book items failed in case some items already contained some of the tags used

Other Changes

  • Updated translations for Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Improved discoverability of Address Book pagination
  • Changed default audio/video quality setting from balanced to best
  • Improved trace output for the case of certificate validation failure
  • Added option to remove a single Address Book item even if multiple items are selected

AnyDesk 6.2.2 (Android)

New Features

  • Support for new plugins.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed proxy settings. Changes in the proxy settings were not applied.
  • Fixed conflict between system back gesture and pie menu.
  • Fixed plugin download on some devices when browser app is not available.
  • Improved translations.

AnyDesk 6.2.0 (macOS)

New features

  • macOS native window and tab management: reorder tabs, drag-n-drop tabs between windows
  • Follow mouse cursor feature: When activated, the monitor selection follows the remote mouse cursor
  • Follow remote window focus feature: When activated, the monitor selection follows the remote focused window
  • Reminder Tile to install the anydesk service

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed crash on session start
  • Mouse cursor issues when session recording is finishe



Besturing:  Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, macOS, Android en iOS
Licentie:   Freeware

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