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Welcome to the home of DXLog.net, ham radio contest logging software by 9A5K.

This software and service was adopted and sponsored by K1LZ and you might experience some issues during the adoption until fits its new home.

Note: As of Apr-11-2019 the support email reflector is moved from Mailman to groups.io

News: This software is now free of charge, donated to the ham radio community by Krassy K1LZ and a few other guys donating their time and effort.

License keys can be generated by following the link below. Should you run into issues generating it, please contact Paul Young, K1XM.



– Remove internal references to obsolete band names 6, 4, and 2. (SM7IUN)
– Fix ADIF import for bands above 432MHz. (SM7IUN)
– Update IOTA database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Fix ADIF import for PSK and newer digital modes (FT4, Q65, etc.). (SM7IUN)
– Remove internal references to obsolete mode BPSK. (SM7IUN)
– Add support for JS8 QSO import. (SM7IUN)
– Fix issue with capitalization in ADIF import from certain other loggers. (SM7IUN)
– Improve logging with WSJT-X. (SM7IUN)
– Let exchange type GRID accept both 4- and 6-position grids as valid. (SM7IUN, TNX ES7GM)
– Update ES FD. (SM7IUN, TNX ES7GM)
– Update R1 V/U/SHF grid database and add 4-position database. (SM7IUN, TNX ES7GM)
– Update IARU HQ database. (SM7IUN, TNX N6TV)
– Update IOTA database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Update K1USN SST database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Update CWT database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Improve accuracy of QRB calculation for 4-position grids. (SM7IUN)
– Add station, time, and overlay to live score reporting. (SM7IUN, TNX R4WW)
– Update IARU HF Championship. Allow single-digit exchange etc. (SM7IUN)
– Always include CATEGORY-STATION and GRID-LOCATOR in Cabrillo export. (SM7IUN)
– Fix CATEGORY-STATION to correctly use HQ. (SM7IUN)
– Add YOUTH to default list of overlays. (SM7IUN)
– Fix band names in Cabrillo export above 2.3GHz. (SM7IUN)
– Update SAC to support single band entries for Scandinavian stations. (SM7IUN)
– Improve ADIF export and add points and station ID. (SM7IUN)
– Add better support for ADIF export to N1MM. (SM7IUN)
– Update log export in text format. (SM7IUN)
– Update Stew Perry database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Consolidate databases for Stew Perry and Makrothen. (SM7IUN)
– Update ARRL SS. (SM7IUN)
– Add option to export log as an Excel-compatible or plain CSV file. (SM7IUN)
– Don’t crash if export target file is locked or unwriteable. (SM7IUN)
– Only put actual content of Summary window on clip board when copying. (SM7IUN)
– Improve format of Summary file. (SM7IUN)
– Add exchange type GRID6 which is strictly a 6-position grid. (SM7IUN)
– Add NRRL MGM Weekend. (SM7IUN, TNX LB3RE)
– Update NRRL Winter. (SM7IUN)
– Add worked grids window to EU V/U/SHF with grid multiplier. (SM7IUN)
– Update EDI export. (SM7IUN)
– Update copy to text from Worked DXCC and Statistics windows. (SM7IUN)
– Update NAQP database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Separate station category and overlay selections in contest configuration. (SM7IUN)
– Add contest configuration keys CABRILLO_STATION and STATION. (SM7IUN)
– Clean up overlays in a lot of contests. (SM7IUN)
– Add keyword STATION for macro conditionals. (SM7IUN)
– Add CONFIG->STATION to contest configuration syntax. (SM7IUN)
– Change date format in summary file to ISO. (SM7IUN)
– Add button to standard messages panel to reset messages to their defaults. (SM7IUN, TNX SV1DPI)
– Update EUHFC database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Add contest configuration regular expression operand CONFIG->GRID. (SM7IUN)
– Make prefill database have precedence over regex exchange guessing. (SM7IUN, TNX IV3FPX)
– Update DARC 10m. (SM7IUN, TNX DJ3CQ)



Besturingssystemen:  Alle Windows met Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.0.
Website:  http://dxlog.net/
Download:  http://dxlog.net/sw/files/DXLog.net-2.5.19.msi
Licentietype:  Freeware
Licentiekey: http://dxlog.net/registration/
Bron: http://dxlog.net/


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