Update DXLog.net 2.5.38 (HAM)

DXLog.net – contest logging software

Welcome to the home of DXLog.net, ham radio contest logging software by 9A5K.

This software and service was adopted and sponsored by K1LZ and you might experience some issues during the adoption until fits its new home.

Note: As of Apr-11-2019 the support email reflector is moved from Mailman to groups.io

News: This software is now free of charge, donated to the ham radio community by Krassy K1LZ and a few other guys donating their time and effort.

License keys can be generated by following the link below. Should you run into issues generating it, please contact Paul Young, K1XM.



Ver 2.5.38
– Fix crash when not broadcasting QSOs. (K1XM, TNX EI6LA, SP1NQN)

Ver 2.5.37
– Add periods to CNCW. (SM7IUN, TNX ED5WU)
– Update WRTC 2022. (SM7IUN)
– Update ICWC MST database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Update CWT database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Add Trans-Tasman Low-Band Contest. (SM7IUN)
– Update ExtraInfo, HamCap etc. when shifting focus automatically in Run. (SM7IUN)
– Update K1USN SST database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Update IARU HQ database. (SM7IUN, TNX OZ0J)
– Update RCC database. (SM7IUN)
– Update Thetis driver. (SM7IUN, TNX EA1DAV)
– Update IOTA database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Update multiple NA QSO Party databases. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Update AGCW database. (SM7IUN)
– Update BCCQP. (SM7IUN)
– Fix GetList_PrefixArea contest definition helper. (SM7IUN)
– Update Naranja CW. (SM7IUN)
– Clean up Cabrillo export definition in a lot of contests. (SM7IUN)
– Update OK1WC. (SM7IUN)
– Update 9A CW. (SM7IUN)
– Update Balkan HF Contest. (SM7IUN)
– Update BSCC. (SM7IUN)
– Links and comments updated in several contest definitions. (SM7IUN)
– Update NAQP. (SM7IUN, TNX PY4XX)
– Update NAQP database and a lot of derived databases. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Remove obsolete drivers for TS-890S and TS-990S. (SM7IUN)
– Make checkbox “Do not use PTT with voice keyer” also apply to CAT PTT. (SM7IUN, TNX M0NPK)
– Update HSC & FOC databases. (SM7IUN, TNX DJ5CW)
– Update BCCQP. (SM7IUN)
– Update NTC QP database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Update 10-10 QSO Party including database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Add Concurso Municipios Espanoles including database. (SM7IUN, TNX 9A5HZ)
– Add Tools->Debug->Network. This logs communications between DXLog computers. (K1XM)
– Set radio’s mode before setting frequency when grabbing spots. (SM7IUN, TNX G4PIQ)
– Add Synchronize log command. (K1XM)
– Improve drivers for TS-890S and TS-990S. Old drivers are still available. (SM7IUN, EI6LA, DJ5MW)
– Update OHQP database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Add QSO_QTC_NEEDED conditional variable. (K1XM, TNX DF9LJ)
– Improve QSO broadcast, send message when QSO is edited. (K1XM, TNX KX7M)
– Fix bugs in clearing CQ Frequency on band change, make it optional. (K1XM, TNX HG1W)
– Show run / S&P mode correctly after Alt-F4. (K1XM, TNX YU1EA)
– Update CTY files. (SM7IUN, TNX AD1C)
– Update RTTYOps WW DX Contest. (SM7IUN, TNX LB3RE)
– Fix off time in YOTA. (SM7IUN, TNX DJ4MX)
– Include 2tone64.exe in listed files in RTTY configuration. (SM7IUN, TNX M5RIC)
– Update CQ Western Electric. (SM7IUN)
– Correct some error texts in the contest configuration panel. (SM7IUN)
– Fix problem with $FOCUSRCVD if radio does not have focus. (K1XM, TNX SM7IUN)
– Fix/add web links for a lot of contests. (SM7IUN)
– Update YODX database. (SM7IUN, TNX SP5KP)
– Update database for SCC RTTY, RTTYops WW DX, and IG RY contests. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)



Besturingssystemen:  Alle Windows met Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.0.
Website:  http://dxlog.net/
Download:  http://dxlog.net/sw/files/DXLog.net-2.5.36.msi
Licentietype:  Freeware
Licentiekey: http://dxlog.net/registration/
Bron: http://dxlog.net/


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