Update DXLog.net 2.5.42 (HAM)

DXLog.net – contest logging software

Welcome to the home of DXLog.net, ham radio contest logging software by 9A5K.

This software and service was adopted and sponsored by K1LZ and you might experience some issues during the adoption until fits its new home.

Note: As of Apr-11-2019 the support email reflector is moved from Mailman to groups.io

News: This software is now free of charge, donated to the ham radio community by Krassy K1LZ and a few other guys donating their time and effort.

License keys can be generated by following the link below. Should you run into issues generating it, please contact Paul Young, K1XM.



– Add Masonic Lodges on the Air. (SM7IUN, TNX N9FN)
– Don’t show X-QSO countries as worked in Worked DXCC. (K1XM)
– Don’t show X-QSO grids and stations in Worked Gridsquares. (SM7IUN)
– Add WIA Remembrance Day Contest. (SM7IUN, TNX VK4SN)
– Fix email address validity check. (SM7IUN, TNX G4IRN)
– Don’t show two lines in Rate window band change if only one radio. (K1XM)
– Update CWT database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Update Italian Bande Basse, correcting exchange, band change rules etc. (SM7IUN)
– Fix problems with numeric robustness of time-based dupe rules. (SM7IUN)
– Show dupe countdown timer on spots in bandmap for contests having a time-based dupe rule. (SM7IUN)
– Remove erroneous mode check from case DOUBLE_QSO=PER_MINUTE_DIFFERENCE. (SM7IUN)
– Fix time-based dupe rule in local LZ contests. (SM7IUN)
– Update ARRL 10m Contest database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Update K1USN SST Contest database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Fix problem with LOCATION: in BSCC Cabrillo. (SM7IUN)
– Add contest definition key CABRILLO_LOCATION_FIELD. (SM7IUN)
– Update ARI 40/80 Contest. (SM7IUN)
– Add contest definition key DOUBLE_QSO_RULE_DURATION. (SM7IUN)
– Update ARRL 10m Contest. (SM7IUN, TNX HA3LN)
– Add Band change info window. (K1XM, TNX CT1ILT)
– Add contest configuration key DEST->MODE. (SM7IUN)
– Add worked grid display to REF THF. (SM7IUN)
– Add TA VHF UHF Contest. (SM7IUN, TNX TA3ST)
– Disable incorrect multi-op band change rules in 32 V/U/SHF contests. (SM7IUN)
– Update Stew Perry database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Update ARRL 10m Contest database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Show time until next band change in Band change window if no band changes are available. (K1XM, TNX SJ2W)
– Update Russian Cup CW. (SM7IUN)
– Update EUHFC. (SM7IUN)
– Update ARRL 160m, ARRL 10m, and ARRL FD to 2023 RAC sections. (SM7IUN)
– Update NHQP. (SM7IUN)
– Update Winter Field Day, Makrothen, YLRL DX, and YLRL YLOM contests to 2023 RAC sections. (SM7IUN)
– Update PAQP and NVQP to 2023 RAC sections. (SM7IUN)
– Update ICWC MST database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Update Old New Year Contest. (SM7IUN)
– Update CQP, MDQP, and NEQP. (SM7IUN)
– Add callsign to UDP datagram for PSTRotatorAz. (SM7IUN, TNX F8GHE)
– Show selected bands in DX cluster announcements window. Allow selection by clicking the band columns. (K1XM, TNX W1UE)
– Fix issue with rotator radio number in SO2V. (SM7IUN)
– Rename misleading name PSTRotator to PSTRotatorAz in menus. (SM7IUN)
– Add entry validation for band selection in Rotator configuration. (SM7IUN)
– Update K2 driver. Old driver is still available as Elecraft K2 Old. (SM7IUN, TNX GW0ETF)
– Fix issue with ignoring duplicate spots when using -# callsign suffix in DXLog.net.DXC. (SM7IUN)
– Update NTC database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Add blacklisting to DXLog.net.DXC. (SM7IUN)
– Update NRAU Baltic. (SM7IUN)
– Update scp and cty files. (SM7IUN, TNX K6TU, AD1C)
– Make using CTY_WT_MOD.DAT the installation default. (SM7IUN)
– Update Canada Day and Canada Winter Day including regex prefill file. (SM7IUN)
– Update Holyland to 2023 rules. (SM7IUN)
– Revert to using TX for CAT PTT for Yaesu FT-710 and FT-950. (SM7IUN, TNX N2IC)
– Make leading zeroes in serial numbers the installation default. (SM7IUN)
– Update RAEM with new overlays etc. (SM7IUN)
– Do not show cluster spots in bandmap if contest category or overlay is unassisted. (SM7IUN)
– Update CQ WPX and CQ WPX RTTY to not display cluster spots in classic operator overlay. (SM7IUN)
– Make “Single operator, assisted” the default category when creating a new contest log. (SM7IUN)
– Update CWT. (SM7IUN)
– Update assistance in 100+ contests. (SM7IUN)
– Show error message when trying to export an empty log. (SM7IUN)
– Fix band change rules etc. for Iron Ham, Marconi Memorial, Popov Memorial, VU DX, and Polar Radioman. (SM7IUN)
– Update categories in WAE and WAE RTTY. (SM7IUN)
– Fix band change rules etc. for WAPC. (SM7IUN)
– Update WWSA CW. (SM7IUN)
– Update categories in WAE, WAE RTTY, YB DX RTTY/SSB/80m, YODX, and YUDX contests. (SM7IUN)
– Make CATEGORY-BAND: ALL for all default multi-operator categories, regardless of worked bands. (SM7IUN)
– Add “Verify transmitter change before sending” for OTRSP. (K1XM, TNX K6MR)
– Update DXpeditions contest definitions. (SM7IUN)
– Enable self-spotting for 14 North American QP. (SM7IUN)
– Update Milara Contest. (SM7IUN)
– Indicate cut six-digit QSO numbers with a leading plus in log. (SM7IUN, TNX OK2ZI)
– Make logged on operator persistent but reset when log changes. (SM7IUN, TNX OK2ZI)
– Update Eurasia database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Update RAEM database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Update RDAC database. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Update NA, CO, HI, IA, KS, LA, MD, MS, MT, ND, NH, NJ, and VT QP databases. (SM7IUN, TNX VE2FK)
– Add save and load window layout. (K1XM, TNX EI6LA)
– Update Winter Field Day database. (SM7IUN)
– Add Schwaben Contest KW and UKW. (SM7IUN, TNX DL4VK)


Besturingssystemen:  Alle Windows met Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.0.
Website:  http://dxlog.net/
Download:  http://dxlog.net/sw/files/DXLog.net-2.5.42.msi
Licentietype:  Freeware
Licentiekey: http://dxlog.net/registration/
Bron: http://dxlog.net/


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