Update Fre:ac 1.1.6

fre: ac is een gratis audio-omzetter en CD-ripper met ondersteuning voor verschillende populaire formaten en encoders. Het converteert momenteel tussen MP3-, MP4 / M4A-, WMA-, Ogg Vorbis-, FLAC-, AAC-, WAV- en Bonk-indelingen.  Met fre: ac rip je eenvoudig je audio-cd’s naar MP3- of WMA-bestanden voor gebruik met je hardwarespeler of converteer je bestanden die niet met andere audiosoftware worden afgespeeld. U kunt zelfs hele muziekbibliotheken converteren met behoud van de mappenstructuur en de bestandsnaamstructuur.



New features

  • Added native support for Windows on the ARM64 architecture
  • Added support for editing lyrics in the tag editor
  • Added support for creating cue sheets and playlists with freaccmd


  • Improved performance of adding video and proprietary audio files (DTS, DSD etc.) to the joblist
  • Playlists can now be added to the joblist by drag & drop
  • Added and placeholders for use in filename patterns
  • Added optional composer, conductor, tempo, musical key and ISRC columns to the joblist
  • Added initial key field to tag editor
  • Added support for lyrics in ID3v2, MP4, Vorbis Comment, APEv2 and WMA tags
  • Added support for parsing OverDrive MediaMarkers in ID3v2 tags
  • Added support for the pre-emphasis flag in cue sheets

Bug fixes

  • Fixed possible crash upon querying the CDDB database
  • Fixed possible crash in FAAD2 decoder when trying to open unsupported files
  • Fixed faulty decoding of certain AAC files caused by a bug in the FDK-AAC decoder
  • Fixed possible faulty output when decoding from non-zero positions using external decoders
  • Fixed issue ripping CD tracks when output filename pattern is
  • Fixed AccurateRip reporting verification errors for hidden track one audio
  • Fixed setting to replace spaces not being respected when writing cover art and log files
  • Fixed setting to suppress Unicode characters not being respected when writing cover art and log files
  • Fixed tag editor fields for media type, catalog number and barcode being limited to 12 characters
  • Fixed freeze when decoding certain WMA files on Windows
  • Fixed drag & drop not working after online update on Windows

New and updated codecs

  • Added native Apple Lossless decoder
  • Updated FFmpeg to version 5.0
  • Updated Monkey’s Audio to version 7.23
  • Updated mpg123 to version 1.29.3
  • Updated libsamplerate to version 0.2.2

New translations

  • Added Swedish and Portuguese (Brazilian) manuals


Besturing:  Alle Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, Kaiku
Download:   https://github.com/enzo1982/freac/releases/tag/v1.1.6       and then scroll down to “ASSETS”
Website:  https://www.freac.org/
Licentie:  Freeware
Schermafbeelding:   https://www.freac.org/images/screenshots/freac-1.0.x-en.png

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