Update LOG4OM 2.18.0 (Ham)

Log4OM is ontwikkeld door IW3HMH Daniele Pistollato.

Software gericht op de Ham Radio activiteit en vereist zeer lage middelen van de host-computer.

Het is getest op alle Windows-besturingssystemen van XP SP3 naar de nieuwste versie beschikbaar is.Log4Om draait op Window Tablets met zijn alle kenmerken en kan worden uitgevoerd vanaf een memory stick, het is de installatie geen systeem register gebruiken om informatie op te slaan.

  • Accurate call sign lookup data
  • Award tracking and display fully configurable by the user
  • Band mapping of cluster spots with multiple band viewers individually filtered by mode and band by the user
  • Call lookup by multiple external sources QRZ, HamQTH, QRZCQ, HamCall and internal Clublog aggregated with automatic fallback to secondary source if primary contains no data
  • Call sign online QSL graphics and large scale
  • Scrollable location map displays up to the street level
  • Dynamic UDP inbound / outbound support over multiple ports and services
  • Ease of use via mouse or keyboard
  • Enhanced standalone contest support with integral CAT display.
  • Expanded Winkeyer support with integral CAT display.
  • Full management of confirmations of the QSO data is available with different methods of delivery of the most appropriate confirmation type, including merging of QSO confirmation data.
  • Full SOTA & IOTA support
  • Fully integrated with LOTW, eQSL, QRZ.com, HamCall, Clublog, HamQTH, HRDlog.net etc.
  • Improved QSO search engine with support for complex queries without SQL knowledge requirements (AND, OR, nested conditions)
  • Integration with N1MM, PSTRotator, QARTest, FLDigi, WSJT-x and JTDX
  • Intelligent cluster aggregates the information from multiple cluster servers and HRDLog Super cluster with spot quality display.
  • Intelligent cluster filtering provides automatic collection of award references.
  • Multiple Cluster viewer band maps by band and mode
  • Propagation analysis using VOACAP linked to call sign lookup and cluster which predicts probability of a connection (Contact)
  • Radio CAT control via either Omnirig or Hamlib
  • Real time grey line presentation with long and short path tracks and headings.
  • Search and filtering of data is the most advanced of any logging software.
  • Security of user information and data with multiple backup options and locations.
  • User configured layouts for cluster and logbook grids



1. Version 1 SQLite database is not compatible with Version 2
2. An ADIF file in ADIF 3.0 format must be exported from Version 1 of Log4OM
3. A new database must be created in Version 2 and the ADIF file then imported into it
4. Version 2 configuration is different to version 1 so needs setting up new

If all else fails read the user guides and watch the YouTube tutorials


  • [NEW] Backup can now be saved directly in SQLITE instead of ADIF. This choice is selectable for main backup (+ monthly backup), alternate backup, none or both (for maximum security we recommend to keep at least one backup as standard ADIF).
  • [NEW] Backup can now be zipped as an option. This choice is selectable for main backup (+ monthly backup), alternate backup, none or both. Config backup is never zipped.
  • [NEW] New cluster anti-flood mechanism. The cluster UI refresh rate will slow down parsing refresh rate ((100 * number of active clusters) + 5000ms) vs ((100 * number of active clusters) + 100ms) of unthrottled cluster, when the application is receiving an amount of unique spots greater than the threshold (default 30 per minute). Increasing this value improve reactivity of the cluster refresh on new spots. Reducing the value will improve useability on slower PC’s.
  • [NEW] Added more options on ADIF import to speed up import of Log4OM backups with full data.
  • Added award filter for “my gridsquare” to show statistics based on QTH in awards statistics.
  • Added “blank” valuee to SATELLITE MODE dropdown list in EDIT QSO screen
  • ADIF default sort on export set to DATE descending
  • ADIF and CSV export optimizations on address field and other minor improvements.
  • LOTW confirmation download improved to identify more award confirmations.
  • Fixes and optimizations in LOTW confirmation download, now more reliable.
  • External source upload routine updated and made more performing (HRDLOG)
  • Internal database routine optimizations for better performances
  • [FIX] LOTW import now performs a full award search on updated QSO to detect confirmations on new references that require LOTW confirmation (USACA, WPX, etc)
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue with UTC date/time near midnight in some timezones when data are retrieved from SQLite db


Besturingssystemen: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website: http://www.log4om.com/
Download:   https://www.log4om.com/download/
Licentietype: Freeware
Bron: LOG4OM

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