Update Malwarebytes

Dit programma bestrijdt malware, zoals bijvoorbeeld kwaadaardige software die zich als bonafide antivirus- of antispywareoplossing voordoet, maar in werkelijkheid minder goede bedoelingen heeft, zoals ransom– of scareware.



Features and improvements

  • Security Advisor notifications – Customizable notification that helps you stay secure by informing you when Security Advisor finds an issue that requires your attention. Notifications are enabled by default and can be disabled or re-enabled from the Notification tab in the Settings menu.
  • Tray icon – Primary click on the tray icon now launches the UI or brings it into focus. Previously a primary click opened the tray menu which was redundant since a secondary click does the same operation.
  • Uninstalls – Added guidance and updated our KB article for users who are looking to use Malwarebytes in conjunction with other security products.

Issues fixed

  • Product or OS functionality can be broken by blocking MS-signed not protected files (limited circumstances)
  • Incorrect dashboard notifications showing for Premium users
  • The security news feed is not changing
  • Buy now options shown in Security Advisor for Premium users


Besturing:  Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11, maxOS, Android
Download:  https://nl.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/thankyou/
Licentie:  Freeware en Betalend
Schermafbeelding:  http://www.malwarebytes-anti-malware.nl/malwarebytes-free/

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